2018 Issues Mobilization Program Policy Review Workgroup

The Issues Mobilization Program provides financial and technical assistance to state and local REALTOR® associations to support their public policy advocacy efforts. The program provides assistance on a wide range of state and local public policy issues. The program is governed by a policy document that covers the scope of the program, the grant application process, and the grant consideration/approval process. It is revised periodically as the program grows and matures.

The program budget increased substantially with the advent of the REALTOR® Party in 2008, and the program has continued to grow in budget and usage since that time. The 66 grants awarded in 2017 significantly exceeded any previous year, and 2018 grants are on pace with 2017.

The program is managed by the State and Local Issues Mobilization Support Committee, which is comprised of NAR volunteer members and state/local association staff. In accordance with Work Group recommendations in 2014 and 2015, the committee approved program policy changes that addressed such subjects as: a grant applicant “skin in the game” contribution requirement; usage of Corporate Ally program funds; and a streamlined process for considering smaller grant requests.

Considering that the program continues to experience significant growth, a 2018 Work Group has been approved for the purpose of reviewing current program operations and recommending policy revisions that will enhance its efficient and effective operation. In 2018, demand (grant requests) has far exceeded supply (grant funds). Program staff and leadership have requested and received additional funds from NAR Finance three times in the 2018 budget year, and we will likely need to make an additional request in 2018 given the continuing high demand.

Since we expect that strong demand will continue to strain program resources in the coming years, the Work Group will consider and recommend policy revisions designed to: 1) improve management efficiencies; 2) improve Committee oversight; and 3) better meet increased demand.

Download the 2018 Issues Mobilization Program Policy Review Workgroup Recommendations 

Watch the 2018 RPAC & Issues Mobilization Workgroup Recommendations Webinar

Workgroup members included:

  • Greg Herb (PA), Committee Vice Chair/Work Group Chair
  • Chris Rost (KS), Committee Chair
  • Rick Violett (CA), Committee Immediate Past Chair
  • Eric Sain (FL), Committee Liaison
  • Kenny Parcell (UT), Vice President of Government Affairs
  • Cady Thomas (NC), GAD Committee Chair
  • Cindi Bulla (TX)
  • Nancy Cardone (FL)
  • Mike Ford (AR)
  • Steve Francks (WA)
  • Erin Hervey (MO)
  • John Kmiecik (IL)
  • Robert McMillan (AL)
  • Susan Renfrew (MA)
  • Chris Sloan (UT)

Questions? Contact Gerry Allen at 202-383-1109.