2018 RPAC Fundraising Goals & Policies Workgroup

The four areas of scope within the Workgroup’s purview had not been reviewed and analyzed for program effectiveness in the last four to five years. The President’s Circle Conference and Major Investor program were last reviewed and amended during separate Workgroups in 2013. The Corporate Ally Program was created as the result of a Presidential Advisory Group in 2014 and has not been analyzed deeply since its inception. Finally, a wholesale review and update of the RPAC Fundraising Partnership Grant Program has not been conducted since the creation of the program in 2011. Recent feedback on these issue areas from members to NAR Leadership resulted in the need for this Workgroup to convene and revisit the efficacy of these important RPAC fundraising areas.

Download the 2018 RPAC Fundraising Goals & Policies Workgroup Recommendations 

Watch the 2018 RPAC & Issues Mobilization Workgroup Recommendations Webinar

Workgroup members included:

  • Bradley Boland (VA), Chair
  • Otto Catrina (CA)
  • David Alan Cox (TX)
  • Adam Davis (MO)
  • Russell Grooms (FL)
  • Jeff Hill (KS)
  • Michele Holen (OR)
  • Travis Kessler (TX)
  • Steve LaRue (KS)
  • Sara Lipnitz (MI)
  • John Powell (VA)
  • Linda Rheinberger (NV)
  • Tony Schippa (MI)
  • Carl Tackett (KY)
  • Jennifer Vucetic (NY)



Questions? Contact Lauren Colicelli at 202-383-1080.