Future of the REALTOR® Party PAG

In early 2017, the NAR Leadership Team created a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) on the Future of the REALTOR® Party, and charged its 21 members with five responsibilities.

  1. Analyze the results of the REALTOR® Party’s first five years of performance (2012-2016);
  2. Identify and recommend improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of the REALTOR® Party;
  3. Review each REALTOR® Party program and recommend enhancements or elimination—and identify new REALTOR® Party program offerings;
  4. Establish REALTOR® Party Strategic Objectives for the next five years (2018-2022); and
  5. Identify and recommend the financial resources necessary to continue to grow the REALTOR® Party.

PAG Documents

Full PAG Report

Executive Summary


“In a Nutshell” Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Next


PAG Members

Thank you to the following 21 members who worked hard to produce the Future of the REALTOR® Party PAG report and recommendations:

Leslie Rouda Smith, Chair (TX) Jim Liptak, Vice Chair (HI)
Randall Blankenship (NC) Tim Lund (MT)
Laura Crowther (SC) Bill Martin (FL)
John Flor (WI) Tiffany Meyer (OH)
Mike Ford (AR) Kenny Parcell (UT)
Kathy Fowler (OK) Charlie Oppler (NJ)
Nathan Gorton (WA) Kevin Sears (MA)
Greg Herb (PA) John Sebree (MO)
Christine Hansen (FL) Nick Solis (CA)
Lisa Hollister (MS) Margo Wheeler (WA)
Tracy Kasper (ID)

Questions? Contact the NAR Leadership Team at FutureRP@realtors.org.