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REALTOR® Votes Counted: 2018 REALTOR® Party Campaign Coverage

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg & President John Smaby

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg & President John Smaby

Through all the mail pieces, television ads, canvassing, and punditry, we survived the mid-term elections! Every election year, our political activity kicks into high gear, and 2018 was no exception. Not only did we survive, but we broke records – 1.1 million REALTORS® registered to vote, and we were involved in 13 federal independent expenditure campaigns, 252 state and local independent expenditure campaigns, and 25 issue campaigns. Last night, we elected 35 REALTORS® to public office…and counting! Our results were impressive, and we hope you’ll check them out at Clearly, REALTORS®’ votes counted.

As newly sworn-in elected officials take office, our work begins but the mission as REALTORS® remains the same: Advancing public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interest, and promote a vibrant business environment. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. We’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of RPAC throughout 2019. We also have some major issues ahead to address, one of which is housing affordability.

Housing affordability is one of the most critical problems facing home buyers and the nation. And the lack of housing supply is only adding to the problem. Comprehensive solutions to address this issue must be locally based and include local community experts — REALTORS® and REALTOR® associations. That’s why NAR has developed resources that work uniquely in each community to address the specific issues related to housing affordability and supply. These resources also include valuable information and tools to start the dialogue in your community. Check them out.

McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc once said, “none of us is as good as all of us,” and the same goes for the REALTOR® Party. When we work collectively; when we speak with one voice; when we tell our story, we can change lives. We see it in our neighborhoods, on the faces of our clients, and in the success of our associations and businesses. If we work together — owning, creating, and telling our story — the best is yet to come.

Bob Goldberg, CEO

John Smaby, 2019 NAR President





Bob Goldberg, CEO                      John Smaby, 2019 NAR President


  1. REPLY
    kurt sandhoff says

    As an investor, who purchased his first home at 17 years old in 1966. I have been active in real estate all my life. I have built homes, shopping centers, development projects, and many more. I learned early on “all real estate is local” What that means is that until you can rein in the local building depts who operate as Little fiefdoms , where no one can question their rules, decisions, you are NOT going to have affordable housing. I have tried to work with various depts over the years and have found some are very progressive and encouraging. An example is Placer County Ca with a builder friendly rules. Then there is Loomis, and NYMBI town where I lived for 6 years and watched them delay a project for over 20 YEARS! This is the crux of where we as Realtors need to address and provide a a way to challenge their reviews. WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES If you challenge them then you are on the “list” every inspection will be denied or added too, or worse red tagged. So there you have it. If you want affordable housing GET LOCAL!!

  2. REPLY
    Patricia Mancilla says

    Hopefully you will make it more affordable to be a realtor.

  3. REPLY
    Curtis Beitel says

    I believe it was a mistake to support individual candidates. I always thought your efforts were supposed to focus on informing elected officials about matters related to real estate interests and in some cases urging them to change their positions. Many of us were appalled that mailers were sent out urging votes for candidates who hold views on a number of issues not related to real estate that were at best controversial. I urge a change to the policy of supporting individual candidates and instead focusing on changing minds on issues only concerning real estate.

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