Placemaking Grant Application: Level 2

Please read the 2019 grant criteria before submitting the application form.

Grant Information

Type of Project: Check only 1

Attach a copy of the concept plan

Attach the Site Photo

Attach a copy of the budget

Check the type of partners involved in the project. Check all that apply.

When will the project be started and completed?

Will the grant be funding a project in a rural community within your association’s jurisdiction? Note that the Rural Housing Service defines “rural” as areas with less than 30,000 population and rural in character.

State and local REALTOR® associations shall only use resources provided by the NAR REALTOR® Party Program within their association’s territorial jurisdictions as set by NAR. Does the proposed activity adhere to the stated requirement?

Note: If the applicant is a local REALTOR® association, your state association must be notified of your application if required by the state association.