Smart Growth Grant – Level 1A

For Level-1 Grants

  • The maximum Level-1 grant is $1,500.
  • There is a limit per association of ONE Level-1 grant per year.
  • The final application deadline is October 1st.
  • Projects supported by a Level-1 grant must be completed within six months of the notification of award.
  • Grants may only be used to fund speaker/instructor fees and travel expenses.
  • Grants are paid by reimbursement after your project is complete by submitting proof of expenditure. (receipts, invoices, signed contracts)
  • Requests for reimbursement  must be accompanied by the self evaluation form.
Purpose: To provide seed funding to enable a state or local association to make the initial efforts to engage local land use public policy issues with other stakeholders and/or elected officials. Such projects should lead to development guided by smart growth principles.