Smart Growth Grant – Level 2A

For Level-2 Grants

  • The maximum Level-2 grant is $5,000.
  • There is a limit per association of ONE Level-2 grant per year.
  • The final application deadline for the year is September 15th.
  • Associations may not apply for grants intended to support projects in which the applicant has participated in the past.
  • For Level-2 grants, the review panel will be giving preference to applications which show:
  • Several partners in Question 11.
  • At least some of the partners are making a financial contribution to the project.  This should be made clear in the Budget section.
  • Applicants who contribute more to the project than the 10% minimum of the value of the grant they are seeking from NAR (the project may cost more than the grant but the match is calculated off the grant amount requested).
Purpose: To provide seed funding to enable a state or local association to make the initial efforts to engage local land use public policy issues with other stakeholders and/or elected officials. Such projects should lead to development guided by smart growth principles.