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AE Message to Members

Fair Housing Month is Here. So is Coronavirus.

Click Here for a Model Message to Members with Recommendations for Observing Fair Housing Month at Home

April is upon us. This time of year is usually a flurry of spring market activity. It’s also a time when we reflect on the ways people are shut out of the housing market, and commit to expanding housing opportunity, with our annual observation of Fair Housing Month.This year is different. Because of measures to slow the spread of coronavirus, activities outside our homes have slowed or stopped. But crises like these remind us that despite our differences, we are all very much the same. Viruses don’t discriminate. Many of us are in similar circumstances, trying to figure out how to work from home while also homeschooling our kids. Despite these challenges, we’re also finding new ways to strengthen our communities, by getting groceries for an elderly neighbor or buying a gift card to support a local restaurant and its employees.

This quiet time is an opportune one to reflect on how we are all bound together. Coronavirus threatens us all. But the virus will also hit certain members of our communities especially hard. Whether due to losing a job without savings to fall back on, increased unpaid caregiving work, the threat of evictions or foreclosures, xenophobic threats or violence, or difficulty accessing necessary services, communities of color, people with disabilities, and women face even greater burdens now. We must ensure that, as we confront the pandemic, and as we recover, that we all do so together.

As we stay home, REALTORS® can and must rise to the challenge. Fair Housing Month emphasizes education, reflection, and discussion—meaningful efforts we can still undertake while practicing social distancing. This year, NAR is presenting Fair Housing Month @ Home – curated lists of books, videos, podcasts and other resources for you to educate yourself throughout the month. Read, watch, listen, think, discuss – and strengthen your fair housing knowledge and leadership.

[***Optional – add reference to your association’s specific book, movie or activity. Include online discussion platform, if you are using one. ***]

[Use the following list as a reference as you plan your association activity—or share the entire list with your members.]


1. Host a Fair Housing Book Club
The NAR ebook library has added a number of fair housing titles recommended by NAR’s new Director of Federal Fair Housing Policy, Bryan Greene. Read them on your own or host a book club on Zoom or another social meeting platform. A list of recommended fair housing titles, along with book reviews, videos, and discussion questions, here.

2. Watch a Fair Housing movie or documentary
Check out a list of recommended fair housing videos here. Or watch The Banker, featuring Samuel L. Jackson, on Apple TV+.

3. Listen to a Fair Housing Podcast
Check out Bryan Greene’s list of recommended fair housing podcasts here.

4. Read Fair Housing Journalism
Investigative journalists have done incredible work uncovering housing discrimination and explaining the history of segregation in America. Later in April, NAR will add recommended fair housing journalism to the Fair Housing Month @ Home page.

5. Check out Fair Housing nonprofit organizations
Learn about local and national Fair Housing nonprofit organizations and the work they do to support equal access to housing. Later this month, NAR will add a list of leading fair housing organizations to the Fair Housing Month @ Home page.

6. Take an online Fair Housing Training
Later this month, NAR hopes to make available a practical, real-estate focused online training on how implicit bias may inadvertently influence your interactions with consumers. Using specific examples from a REALTOR’s day, the training will help you avoid thinking traps that can lead to unintentional discrimination.

Questions? Contact Bryan Greene.

Fair Housing Month & Poster

Observed each April to commemorate the landmark 1968 Fair Housing Act in which U.S. law was established that prohibited discrimination in housing.

Annually, NAR creates a poster that state and local real estate associations may print, use or distribute to promote the REALTOR® commitment to Fair Housing.  You are authorized to print and distribute the Fair Housing Month Poster.  It can be printed 22 x 17, 14 x 11, or 11 x 8.5.

Show you support equal opportunity in housing by displaying this declaration of following fair housing laws and your commitment to provide professional service with the REALTOR® Fair Housing Declaration.

Download the 2020 Poster

Click here to download the poster

Click here to download the poster


Fair Housing Month


WHEREAS The Fair Housing Act, enacted on April 11, 1968, enshrined into federal law the goal of eliminating racial segregation and ending housing discrimination in the United States; and
WHEREAS The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, and disability, and commits recipients of federal funding to affirmatively further fair housing in their communities; and
WHEREAS [JURISDICTION NAME] is committed to the mission and intent of Congress to provide fair and equal housing opportunities for all; and
WHEREAS Our social fabric, the economy, health, and environment are strengthened in diverse, inclusive communities; and
WHEREAS More than fifty years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, discrimination persists, and many communities remain segregated; and
Acts of housing discrimination and barriers to equal housing opportunity are repugnant to a common sense of decency and fairness.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the [PUBLIC ENTITY] of [JURISDICTION NAME] does hereby declare the month of April, 2020 as

an inclusive community committed to fair housing, and to promoting appropriate activities by private and public entities to provide and advocate for equal housing opportunities for all residents and prospective residents of [JURISDICTION NAME].

Click here to download the proclamation

2020 Fair Housing Month Graphics

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