2019 Election Results are in…

Independent Expenditures

The State and Local Independent Expenditure (IE) Program was used in 244 races in 2019. Of those races, 115 were for primary or general elections occurring before Nov. 5, and had a win/runoff rate of 76.32%.  On Nov. 5, there were 129 state or local elections. To the right are current stats on our results.


Of the 129 races, incumbents were supported in 66 (51.16%) and challengers were support in 14 (10.85%). Open seat candidates were supported for the remaining 49 (37.98%) races. It is of note that state and local REALTOR® associations usually support incumbents in 65% of races. But this year, they shifted more resources to open seat and challenger candidates.

Of the 129 races, 25, or 19.38%, were in support of REALTOR® candidates, which is on-par with previous years. Here are the stats for REALTOR® running for office.

Election Results

  • Wins (65.12%)
  • Run Offs (0.78%)
  • Too Close To Call (5.43%)
  • Losses (28.68%)

REALTOR® Candidate Results

  • Wins (52%)
  • Run Offs (4%)
  • Too Close To Call (4%)
  • Losses (40%)

Highlights for November 5 Election Night
Updated November 13, 2019

  • REALTOR® Champion Tate Reeves picked up the open Mississippi governor’s seat in a tight race.
  • Despite a lot of sweeping change in Virginia, REALTOR® Champions still won 75% of their races.
  • The New Jersey REALTORS® won or protected 70% of their targeted legislative seats.
  • REALTOR® Allan Domb was re-elected to the Philadelphia City Council in a campaign that many consider a pre-cursor to running for mayor in 2023.
  • REALTOR® Champion Erin Mendenhall was elected mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • REALTOR® Champion Buddy Dyer was re-elected mayor of Orlando, Fla.
  • REALTOR® Champions won three out of four races in Spokane in an election that received a lot of press coverage regarding our activity.
  • REALTOR® Scott Delano was elected to the Mississippi State Senate in this program’s first “do-over” election.

2019 State & Local Independent Expenditure Program Totals

This gives the 2019 program a combined win/runoff rate of almost 70.48%, which the highest win/runoff rate for this program since 2016. That number may move slightly with races to be called.

  • Wins (57.38%)
  • Run Offs (13.1%)
  • Too Close To Call (3.28%)
  • Losses (26.23%)
  • Pending (0.01%)