Inadequate broadband access is restraining many rural communities from strengthening their economies as the absence of broadband makes a community a less attractive location for residents, new investment, and development. Broadband is no long a luxury but a necessity as affordable high-speed broadband will soon become almost as important as water and electricity. Communities with access to high-speed Internet are able to prosper as property values increase, businesses grow, and jobs are created. But 24 million American households or more do not have reliable, affordable high-speed internet, Eighty percent of these households are in rural areas. The good news is that access to funding and changes in laws are taking place across the country to accelerate broadband deployment, including removing barriers to infrastructure investment and promoting competition in the telecommunications market. REALTORS® are joining in these efforts by advocating for legislation and joining coalitions to increase broadband access. Tune in on August 7 to get an overview of the digital divide, its impact on real estate and communities, and efforts underway to bridge the divide. Hear from the REALTOR® community on a state and local level to see how they are engaged in this effort. Register today.