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REALTOR Party News – March 2018

bobGoldberg_sm.jpge_mendenhall.jpgInvesting in a Legacy of Success

We’ve just come back from the 2018 President’s Circle Conference. RPAC and, specifically, President’s Circle, had a banner year in 2017, breaking records with 35% member participation and 1,207 President’s Circle members. This year’s President’s Circle Conference also shattered records with the number of attendees and a stellar line-up of speakers.

By The Numbers


The number of attendees at the 2018 President’s Circle Conference. Last year, RPAC’s President’s Circle program, which allows REALTORS® to contribute directly to REALTOR®-friendly candidates at the federal level, grew by 7 percent over the previous year.


The number of REALTOR® Party Mobile Alert subscribers. REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts are a great way to stay in the know on the go. Get Call for Action notices and other important information while you are away from your desk. Subscribing is easy. Simply text the word REALTOR to 30644 on your mobile phone. If you haven’t signed up, do so today!


The date of NAR’s Facebook Live event, $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Opportunities for You? The Trump administration has released a plan to leverage $200 billion in federal funds to generate $1.3 trillion in local, state, and private investment to improve infrastructure projects around the country. Tune in at 1 p.m. CST/2 p.m. EST for a discussion on how the plan might affect your local economy, real estate values, and land-use planning —and what opportunities there could be for you.


The REALTOR® Party At Work

Highlighted here are a few of the many REALTOR® Party success stories across the nation. These and others are catalogued in the Success Stories section on

tar1217.jpg Wisconsin REALTORS® Help Lower Property Taxes, Strengthen School Budgets, and Protect Property Rights

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Association launched two successful Issues Mobilization campaigns: the first convinced the legislature to eliminate a minor property tax dating back to the Great Depression; the other supported a new law that overturned an existing one that had been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.


summit1217.jpg West Central Minnesota REALTORS® Help to House the Homeless

When the regional Continuum of Care program — which serves the same 18 counties as Minnesota’s West Central Association of REALTORS® — created a more streamlined system to assist those in dire need of housing, the association used a REALTOR® Party Housing Opportunity Grant to get the word out.


lansing1217.jpg Phoenix REALTORS®’ Creativity Leads to Sweeping RPAC Investments

The only way a mega board like the Phoenix Association of REALTORS® can truly get the attention of its members on the importance of investing in RPAC is to tie solicitations to its dues statement. With an RPAC Fundraising Grant, it conducted a sweepstakes during its recent dues-renewal season, and raised more than $63,000 in RPAC investments.


Resources & Opportunities

vore1217.jpg Voice for Real Estate 82: Sales, IRS, ADA, Professionalism

Home sales and contract signings are down as affordability becomes a problem for more people. Also, find out why a shortage of inventory is a problem in the otherwise healthy small-cap market, learn how NAR’s new Commitment to Excellence program will help you see how you stack up against the competition, and read about how your association is helping curb lawsuits with its successful campaign to reform the Americans with Disabilities Act.


vore1217.jpg Federal Issues Tracker

Did you know the Federal Issues Tracker is an online database providing user-friendly access to NAR’s positions on legislative and regulatory policy activities affecting all aspects of residential and commercial real estate? Get weekly updates from NAR’s policy staff, view the current status of a bill, and much more. (Login required) LEARN


vore1217.jpg State Issues Tracker

Many legislative issues that could affect the real estate industry, brokers or REALTORS® are regulated by state governments. The State Issues Tracker tracks and analyzes some of these core issues. Each analysis includes an executive summary as well as frequently asked questions on the issue and the law in each state. The State Issues Tracker also includes white papers with in-depth reviews of select topics, input from industry thought leaders, and insight into emerging trends. (Login required)


commonGround1217.jpg On Common Ground, Winter 2018: The New Neighborhood Now Available

There is a big focus in both the private and public sectors on creative reuse of retail space. Underperforming malls are being redeveloped into mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods. To meet the demand for affordable homes in existing neighborhoods, accessory dwelling units are being added into the mix of housing options. Cities are retrofitting their streets to meet growth by making them more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly and contributing to environmental sustainability.


rpGuide_1117.jpg 2018 REALTOR® Party Resource Guide

Check out the 2018 REALTOR® Party Association Resource Guide on the website to learn more about community outreach; campaign services; RPAC and political fundraising; grassroots grant, program, education opportunities; and much more. Also, review what programs and resources qualify for the new Vote, Act and Invest Core Standards’ requirements.



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