REALTOR Party Programs

Resources, tools and funding information to help state and local REALTOR® Associations create, implement and sustain successful advocacy and community outreach program.

Corporate Ally Recognition Pin

The Corporate Ally Recognition Pin recognizes Sterling, Crystal, Golden, Platinum, and Platinum Diamond corporate investors in the Corporate Ally Program. The recognition pin signifies the year of the corporate contribution.
October 2021
The City of Big Bear Lake is dependent on the tourism that drives its economy, so when the City Council considered capping the number of short-term rental permits, the REALTORS® went to bat – for property owners, and for the economic welfare of the region. Advocacy Everywhere helped them launch an effective Call For Action.
May 2018
In the fastest growing region in the fastest growing state in the nation, the public school facilities could not keep up with the booming student population. An Issues Mobilization campaign helped get a $95 million bond measure approved for new schools, school expansions, and the purchase of future school sites.
February 2021
Although the state of California recently passed rent control legislation covering all municipalities that don’t have their own, the City of Burbank was facing a proposal that would impose severe additional measures on landlords – and cost upwards of $6 million annually. An Issues Mobilization Grant helped the local REALTORS® convince voters to object.
December 2015
The 1,000-member Heartland REALTOR® Organization had its work cut out for it when the first draft of the suburban and rural district’s Unified Development Ordinance was first released. Leveraging the REALTOR® Party’s Land Use Initiative and its past relationship with the county's Planning & Development Committee Chairman, the association provided an objective review of the ordinance, which was used to draft an ordinance that preserved responsible development rights, streamlined processes and limited regulatory burdens—a win for all parties.
April 2016
The Illinois REALTORS® have taken the concept of NAR’s Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) program and run with it, building FPC support teams of 150 REALTORS® to cover the 18 House Representatives and two Senators of the state legislature. Each FPC serves as the human face on the issues that affect the real estate industry and let Members of Congress know that the choices they make affect the lives of their constituents back home.
May 2018
In remembering the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in their own city 50 years ago this spring, the REALTORS® of Memphis, Tenn. marched two miles to the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel. But that was just the beginning of a strategic plan that shines a bright light on cultural diversity, fair housing, and anti-blight initiatives.
August 2017
With 46,000 members, the Miami Association of REALTORS® contributes significantly to the REALTOR® Party, but hadn't been able to utilize its grant programs with any efficiency of scale. But this year the association kicked off a program that better enables the large local associations to partake in all the opportunities available with maximum impact. Now, Miami is benefiting from a range of projects from dog parks to the development of a container house prototype, all with the support of the REALTOR® Party.
April 2023
Fair housing law applies to far more than just the typical home-sale transaction. To reach developers, architects, contractors, planners, CPAs, attorneys, county assessors, lenders, social workers, property managers, and maintenance personnel – as well as REALTORS® – in central Oklahoma, the Midwest City-Del City-Moore Association of REALTORS® collaborated with a local coalition to offer training in fair housing issues.
November 2017
Downtown Oklahoma City is experiencing a huge boom, but its infrastructure was crumbling. The Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® stepped in, joining the city to promote public meetings to craft bond proposals that would strengthen critical elements from sewers to the police department. A REALTOR® Party Issues Mobilization Grant helped get voters to the polls, where the bonds were overwhelmingly supported.