Community Outreach

State and local REALTOR® associations can choose from five different Community Outreach grants, technical assistance and numerous resources to match their affordable housing, fair housing, community planning and development, placemaking and rural-related advocacy and community engagement objectives.

Diversity Initiative GrantA

Increase diversity and inclusion within the association and its leadership; build and expand relationships with multicultural real estate organizations; and address fair housing issues and fair housing planning in your communities with the Diversity Initiative Grant program. Providing resources to state and local associations is a key strategy in NAR’s overall diversity program. Grant funding is available up to $5,000.
Director of Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion
Engagement and Advocacy Outreach
January 2021
Columbus REALTORS® has also been seeking solutions to how we can become a more open and inclusive Association. In an effort to create that safe space, its Diversity & Inclusion Committee launched a Book Club for members to have open, honest (and sometimes tough) conversations about race, racism, diversity, and inclusion.
Using a Diversity Initiative Grant, The Houston Association of REALTORS® put together a program for members, including the multicultural real estate associations in town, providing information on topics from mold remediation to tax relief to dealing with the emotional aftermath. Grocery story gift cards and a positive housing market outlook made the supportive event even cheerier.
December 2016
Recognizing that minority representation in its leadership didn’t accurately reflect the diversity of its membership, its community and the real estate industry at large, the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® (HAAR) used a Diversity Grant to help revive the local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), the historic organization founded by African-American industry professionals in 1947. In partnership, the REALTORS® and the REALTISTS®, as NAREB members are known, are moving toward a stronger future in northern Alabama.
March 2016
A Diversity Initiative Grant helped the Middle Georgia Association of REALTORS® bring elected officials, community leaders, homeowners and potential homebuyers together to create partnerships to address the communities most basic needs and brainstorm affordable housing solutions to a county facing a nearly 23.5% poverty level.
May 2018
In remembering the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in their own city 50 years ago this spring, the REALTORS® of Memphis, Tenn. marched two miles to the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel. But that was just the beginning of a strategic plan that shines a bright light on cultural diversity, fair housing, and anti-blight initiatives.
August 2017
To help find solutions to the severe housing shortage in San Diego, the REALTORS® of the Pacific Southwest joined forces with a coalition that proposed numerous Transit-Oriented Development strategies to the city. Shortly thereafter, the City Council unanimously adopted five new incentives to encourage in-fill development, especially along transit routes. A Smart Growth Action Grant from the REALTOR® Party helped the cause.
February 2018
In Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "The Other America" speech 50 years ago this March, the local REALTOR® board makes all its decisions through an internalized lens of diversification. Partnering with the public school system recently, the REALTORS® recently created a calendar illustrated with student visions of diversity; proceeds from calendar sales support diversity efforts in the schools.
February 2016
With the help of a Diversity Initiative Grant and training from REALTOR® Party staff, the more than 10,000-member Chicago Association of REALTORS® was able to create a diverse and inclusive environment, cultivate organizational partnerships and provide educational opportunities for its members.
November 2017
Since school quality plays such a large role in home buying decisions, the Quad Cities Area REALTOR® Association decided to put their marketing and negotiation skills to work to promote their area schools. They began by inviting major employers, mayors and school superintendents in the 23-community area to a conference to have a frank discussion about diversity, inclusion and steering. The conference resulted in plans to build a robust website featuring comprehensive information on each school that will help families make informed decisions about where they want to live.
When South Carolina REALTORS® amped up their fair housing program in response to the social unrest that swept the country in 2020, no aspect of the real estate industry escaped their scrutiny. Their efforts to further fair housing and to promote anti-discrimination in housing earned them the 2022 Fair Housing Award from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.
July 2021
When the initially reluctant City Council of Bend, Oregon finally agreed to set the ball rolling to increase its Urban Growth Boundary, the local REALTOR® association provided positive reinforcement with a supportive Call For Action. Building rapport and relationships, says the Government Affairs Director, is always a good strategy – that extends to leadership within a regional housing coalition that is raising public awareness of a growing housing crisis.