Community Outreach

State and local REALTOR® associations can choose from five different Community Outreach grants, technical assistance and numerous resources to match their affordable housing, fair housing, community planning and development, placemaking and rural-related advocacy and community engagement objectives.

On Common Ground MagazineA

Published twice a year, On Common Ground contains articles on cutting-edge land planning and development techniques. Order bulk copies of this magazine to use as a leave-behind when visiting local officials or provide NAR with a mailing list and leave the delivery to us.
Manager, Community Development and Growth
Community Outreach
November 2019
It’s not every day that a community can plan its own redevelopment from scratch. Following last fall’s devastating wildfire that destroyed Paradise, California, however, that’s exactly the silver lining that the town was facing. The neighboring Oroville Association of REALTORS® is taking the lead in steering the new development toward a Smart Growth way of thinking.
September 2016
The East Central South Dakota REALTORS® (ECSDR) can tell you, the immense growth that Brookings, SD, is enjoying is tempered by a housing crisis and heightened by issues ranging from geological obstacles to student demand to millennial preferences. With the help of a Smart Growth Action Grant, the board brought in a planning expert to help guide the community in governing its own growth with a wise eye to the future.
September 2012
The Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) is using its $19,000 Game Changer Grant to help support a new bi-annual smart growth newsletter -- On Common Ground in Illinois. Loosely modeled on NAR’s On Common Ground smart growth magazine, the IAR publication specifically addresses issues of interest to Illinois residents. By producing and distributing the newsletter to officials in more than 1,300 Illinois municipalities, IAR hopes and expects to be viewed as the trusted source of information on important real estate issues like impact fees, foreclosure data, and market information, helping to advance the REALTORS® position and private property rights at the local level.
May 2022
With a Consumer Advocacy Grant from the REALTOR® Party, this board serving three counties in western North Carolina is educating consumers on the key findings from recent studies that demonstrate not only the economic benefit of STRs within a community, but also that STRs are not to blame for housing shortages and affordability issues.
September 2023
A Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant from the REALTOR® Party helped the Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® mount a campaign against the point-of-sale inspections required in two dozen jurisdictions in the region. Featuring a prominent insert in two top local magazines, it raised awareness about how the mandate is a barrier to homeownership and a detriment to local housing markets.
December 2021
Using the findings of a Land Use Initiative analysis from the REALTOR® Party, the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® helped dissuade the City Council from adopting the new ‘Desert Rural’ protective category that would have raised significant barriers to high-density development and trounced the rights of private property owners.