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Resources, tools and funding information to help state and local REALTOR® Associations create, implement and sustain successful advocacy and community outreach program.

REALTOR® Party Mobile AlertsA

REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts texting platform offers REALTORS® a way to stay connected directly from their cell phone or tablet. When a legislative call for action is launched, subscribers get a short text message containing information to take action.
September 2020
As the City Council of Bend, Ore., was considering creating an urban renewal area, the proposed Tax Incremental Financing was causing confusion among residents. To clarify that it didn’t mean new or higher taxes, and to show support for the project, the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS® launched a call for action.
June 2017
When a special election for a Penny Tax was called in Laramie County, the Cheyenne Board of REALTORS® rallied voters using REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts and the Consumer Advocacy Outreach Program. By approving seven of the nine ballot propositions, citizens created a funding mechanism for two new fire stations, an event center and multiple infrastructure and safety upgrades.
August 2017
When the Delaware legislature went after itemized tax deductions in order to bridge a daunting budget shortfall, the Delaware REALTORS® rallied its members using the REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts. Members responded in record numbers and itemized deductions were saved.
October 2020
When the Nashville City Council attempted to add 90 days to the process of selling residential rental property, the Greater Nashville REALTORS® achieved an acceptable compromise with a call for action through the Advocacy Everywhere program. REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts are a critical resource enabling its members to be advocates wherever their busy lives take them, says association leadership.
February 2020
Barrington, R.I, a lovely coastal suburb of the state capital, full of higher-end homes and strong public schools, seems to have everything going for it. However, when property tax reassessments based on sale price suddenly superseded the customary three-year assessment schedule, the local REALTORS® voiced strong opposition.
January 2020
Though the jobs and housing markets are booming in the northern Alabama region served by the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS®, its school district has been seriously overburdened. With help from the REALTOR® Party, the local REALTORS® backed a successful ballot initiative to pay for essential construction and renovations with a full-on get-out-the-vote campaign.
October 2017
Capitalizing on the robust level of engagement in its Broker Involvement Program, the Illinois REALTORS® recently sent out a State Broker Call for Action urging more members to subscribe to the REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts texting program. It worked, tipping the state association beyond its goal, and then some.
April 2018
Every couple of years, the Louisiana legislature discusses a tax on services to help close the budget deficit, and every time, the Louisiana REALTORS® fight back to protect consumers from a huge increase in costs to get in to a new home or business property. This year, they had help from the REALTOR® Party's new Advocacy Everywhere program.
October 2019
Short-term rentals are naturally a major issue in coastal communities. When Worcester County, Maryland proposed severe restrictions in its rental code overhaul, the local REALTOR® association got to work with a Land Use Initiative review and a call for action. The County Commission heard the message loud and clear, and sent its proposal back to the drawing board.
April 2017
Using targeted texting enabled by the REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts program, Minnesota REALTORS® attracted a robust member presence to its recent Housing Day at the Capitol. The REALTORS® urged their legislators to support the Minnesota Homeownership Initiative, a proposed package of legislation that includes the First Time Homebuyers Savings Account Act—an incentive that is not only tax-free, but tax-deductible.
March 2019
REALTORS® know better than anyone that expanded internet access is the only way to increase economic opportunity and connect communities in rural and underserved areas. Harnessing the power of Advocacy Everywhere, Mississippi REALTORS® rallied voters to support the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act, which finally permits electric cooperatives to provide broadband services in addition to electric power.
September 2017
Put a “Chief Engagement Officer” together with a good plan, a strong team and 25,000 REALTORS® in The Volunteer State of Tennessee and what do you get? One of the highest response rates in the shortest amount of time on NAR’s latest flood insurance Call for Action. In the three weeks that it was active, nearly 27 percent of Tennessee REALTORS® responded, asking Congress to reform and extend the National Flood Insurance Program.