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Resources, tools and funding information to help state and local REALTOR® Associations create, implement and sustain successful advocacy and community outreach program.

RPAC Major Investor Recognition Pins

RPAC Major Investor recognition pins are given to individual Major Investors whose RPAC contributions meet investment thresholds designated by the RPAC Trustees, namely Sterling, Crystal, Golden, and Platinum Rs. The pin signifies the year of the Major Investor contribution. Hall of Fame and President’s Circle designations also are displayed on recognition pins.
RPAC Fundraising Specialist
Political Fundraising
February 2018
With 35% of the national membership investing in RPAC in 2017, state and local REALTOR® Associations have made RPAC stronger than ever when it comes to advancing its public policy agenda. From a strong team of volunteer leaders to technology platforms that help small associations get big results, the REALTOR® Party is getting the word out that investment matters.
June 2018
The 584-member Kaua’i Board of REALTORS® knew that the best way to involve members in advocacy and RPAC would be to show them what exactly it does for them. At the conclusion of an informative breakfast presentation supported by a Broker Involvement Program Grant, 15 brokerages gladly signed on.
April 2017
When a proposed zoning ordinance threatened to negatively impact property values and marketability in Munster, the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS® looked to the REALTOR® Party for help. By presenting the Town Council with a Land Use Initiative memorandum, it was able to neutralize the threat—and demonstrate its desire to enhance and strengthen the community.
April 2020
It’s easy for a community to blame an affordable housing crunch on short-term vacation rentals, but on Maui, the local REALTOR® association has rebutted each argument of the Planning Department with diligently collected data. With a Call for Action, it also drew hundreds of concerned residents to a planning meeting – in visible and vocal support of the permits.   
February 2013
With 26,000 members, the Miami Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI,) has the potential to wield a lot of power in the political advocacy arena, but it was having trouble getting members involved. So, in March of 2012, MIAMI came up with a game-changing plan. The association applied for and won a $25,000 Game Changer Grant to create a “Market Solutions through Political Advocacy” team. The team works to heighten member awareness of political issues; recommends local races to screen; and advocates for candidates during elections. It’s working. In the last year they’ve identified a number of local candidates to get behind and increased their Major Investor count from 10 to nearly 60.
May 2019
As RPAC celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Mississippi REALTORS® raises the bar for RPAC investment. During its Winter Meetings this year, the small state association hosted a lively Drawdown and Lip Sync event supported by a REALTOR® Party grant — and collected more than $83,000 for RPAC.
March 2018
With more than 9,200 members, the only sure-fire way for a mega-board like the Phoenix Association of REALTORS® (PAR) to get the attention of its full membership is to tie information to its dues renewal mailing. Several years ago, PAR launched a sweepstakes to encourage investment in RPAC during the December-January dues-renewal season; three years in, the event has gained such momentum that an RPAC Fundraising Grant recently earned back more than nine-times its value in RPAC investment.
July 2016
When it comes to RPAC fundraising, Tennessee is way ahead of the curve. For the past three years, the Tennessee Association of REALTORS® (TAR) has held coordinated phone bank events with about a dozen of its local associations via a live feed. This year, TAR held a super-sized version of Phone-a-Friend for RPAC program called “RPAC-A-THON,” raising more than $50,000.
November 2016
For the 1,700-member Clark County Association of REALTORS® (CCAR) in southwest Washington state, supporting John Blom for County Council was a no-brainer. As REALTOR® Champions go, there could hardly be a more obvious choice—active in NAR, RPAC, CCAR and its Government Affairs Committee. When John decided to run for office, the REALTORS® were there to support him through the REALTOR® Party’s Independent Expenditure program.