Community Outreach

State and local REALTOR® associations can choose from five different Community Outreach grants, technical assistance and numerous resources to match their affordable housing, fair housing, community planning and development, placemaking and rural-related advocacy and community engagement objectives.

State & Local Growth Polling ProgramA

Survey your community’s residents on their attitudes toward growth and development. This information can help your association formulate land use policies. NAR will cover the cost of the polling.
Manager, Community Development and Growth
Community Outreach
November 2021
Using the information gleaned from the REALTOR® Party’s State and Local Growth Polling program, the Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® developed a plan identifying prescriptive steps to support affordable housing policy in the northern Virginia region.
September 2022
Working with the Planning Department of the largest county in its Northern Virginia operating area, Greater Piedmont REALTORS® commissioned a State and Local Growth poll from the REALTOR® Party that helped to quantify local attitudes toward housing growth.  The resulting data will help decision-makers in their long-term planning, and the project strengthened the REALTORS®’ role as community partners.
September 2020
Through the State and Local Growth Polling program, the Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association provided important statistical insights into transportation and quality of life issues to the City’s Planning Department as it prepared its 20-year comprehensive plan.