V These resources may meet the Core Standards' Vote requirement.
A These resources may meet the Core Standards' Act requirement.
I These resources may meet the Core Standards' Invest requirement.
* These RPAC programs are subject to state election laws.
The Broker Involvement grant allows local and state associations to create broker activities that recruit, retain, educate, and engage brokers and their agents in the Broker Involvement Program. The grant activities will help solidify a culture of REALTOR® engagement and advocacy through-out the REALTOR® Association.
    Local and state associations assist with creating consumer advocacy activities or campaigns that advance wise public policies that strengthen the real estate market, promote property ownership, and build strong communities. Grant monies should be used on consumer awareness (pre-issue campaign) or consumer education (post-legislative victory), and can be used to develop materials such as videos, infographics and social content.
    Increase diversity and inclusion within the association and its leadership; build and expand relationships with multicultural real estate organizations; and address fair housing issues and fair housing planning in your communities with the Diversity Initiative Grant program. Providing resources to state and local associations is a key strategy in NAR’s overall diversity program. Grant funding is available up to $5,000.
    Supports state and local REALTOR® association activities that create or improve systems, programs, and policies that uphold fair housing laws and strengthen REALTORS® commitment to offering equal professional service to all.
    Supports state and local REALTOR® association activities that create or improve systems, programs, and policies that expand access to affordable housing.
    This collection of guides and resources is designed to help REALTOR® associations conduct activities to address affordability challenges in the communities they serve. The toolkit is based on the successes of other associations and offers practical tips and examples for a range of activities including housing fairs, buyer education classes, housing forums and more.
    Placemaking is the creation of vibrant, public spaces and destinations for the whole community. The Placemaking Grant funds projects that transform vacant lots, underutilized alleys, or overgrown green spaces into new public spaces for the community to gather.
    The Placemaking Guide, webinars and Spaces to Places blog offer ideas, guidance and project examples.
    State & local associations can use this grant to host their own REALTOR® Party Conference in an effort to educate members and further the mission of the REALTOR® Party. Associations may qualify to receive a minimum of $5,000 and up to $16,000 to aid in hosting an educational or fundraising conference. Grant amounts are based on membership at $.10 per member or a minimum of $5,000, whichever amount is greater. Associations must allow time for a NAR representative to speak about NAR programs.
    Increase RPAC receipts and participation by applying for grants of up to $15,000 annually based on association size. Use these grants to help fund special RPAC fundraising events and activities, including phone banks. This program is limited to states with campaign finance laws that permit the use of corporate or association general treasury money for RPAC fundraising or administrative purposes.
      Collaborate with NAR’s fundraising staff to recruit Major Investors through NAR- sponsored fundraising events eligible for promotional materials reimbursement up to $65 per attendee for approved events.
        Supports state and local REALTOR® association initiatives, including trainings, forums, studies, and ordinance drafting for a wide range of rural issues such broadband, well and septic,and planning and zoning issues.
        Supports state and local REALTOR® association initiatives, including trainings, community input planning and studies, in a wide range of land-use and transportation- related activities with the primary goal of affecting public policies that support development that meets one or more of the ten Smart Growth Principles.
        Apply for funding to help influence voter opinion to elect your REALTOR® Champions to public office. Funds can help pay for mailings, phone banks, advertising, and more. Total state and local allocations determined by membership size.
        Get financial and technical assistance in advocating your association’s position on important real estate issues. Whether attempting to pass a ballot initiative or influence proposed legislation or regulations, communicating the REALTOR® position to targeted lawmakers and voters can significantly enhance your association’s influence in the public policy arena.
        This grant provides resources and consultant expertise to help state associations create a REALTOR® grassroots advocacy program patterned off the successful Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) program. The grant is approved up to $10,000 per state and can also be used to assist existing programs with training and educational resources.