Tools & Resources

V These resources may meet the Core Standards' Vote requirement.
A These resources may meet the Core Standards' Act requirement.
I These resources may meet the Core Standards' Invest requirement.
* These RPAC programs are subject to state election laws.
Better Block projects are one way REALTOR® Associations can revitalize a downtown or commercial corridor. This resource provides an overview of what a Better Block is and information to plan and organize a Better Block.
Gain valuable information about consumers’ preferences toward transportation, housing, and smart growth from this biennial survey.
What is the state of fair housing in your community? As your local government completes HUD’s Fair Housing Assessments, be sure your association is part of the planning process. Help your communities look holistically at fair housing and develop solutions that will be effective in the marketplace. Check out the latest tools and resources, including a poster for Fair Housing Month.
NAR tracks hundreds of legislative and regulatory proposals every day. Find out where these proposals stand by searching the Federal Issues Tracker.
    Use NAR’s online REALTOR® PAC Management System to streamline processing, provide comprehensive accounting and compliance reporting and increase your association’s RPAC investments.
    REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts texting platform offers REALTORS® a way to stay connected directly from their cell phone or tablet. When a legislative call for action is launched, subscribers get a short text message containing information to take action. REALTORS® can sign up for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts by texting the word REALTORS to 30644.
    State and local REALTOR® Associations around the country are taking advantage of REALTOR® Party tools and resources to step up their community outreach and advocacy efforts. Their success stories expand beyond their states and cities because they inspire and set precedents. Take a look at the examples here for around the country.
    Order RPAC residential and/or commercial brochures to educate your members on the value of RPAC and increase investments. This program is limited to states with election laws that do not ban use of corporate political contributions in fundraising.
    The posting of RPAC information on websites and social media is subject to both federal and state election laws. These laws may require that associations regulate access to certain portions of their sites.
      This interactive, searchable database can help you research, track, and analyze state laws that affect the real estate industry. Make comparisons among different state approaches to an issue and find citations of the particular state law addressing each issue.
      Walkable communities are becoming the latest trend in real estate, and REALTORS® need to be aware of how the demand for walkable communities impacts real estate and their business. Get more details, listen to a webinar, and download the fact sheet to see how to make your community more walkable. Then use a Smart Growth Action Grant to plan and implement your initiative.
      The Workforce Housing Forum Guide provides technical and financial assistance to help plan, organize, and conduct a forum to address your community’s workforce housing needs. The guide includes tips and tools for setting goals, identifying partners, selecting speakers, managing resources, handling logistics, and examples of successful forums conducted by other associations.