RPAC Fundraising

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is your best investment in real estate. Take advantage of these grants, promotional materials, and fundraising tools to boost your investments and create a culture of RPAC in your REALTOR® Association.
V These resources may meet the Core Standards' Vote requirement.
A These resources may meet the Core Standards' Act requirement.
I These resources may meet the Core Standards' Invest requirement.
* These RPAC programs are subject to state election laws.
The Corporate Ally Recognition Pin recognizes corporate investors in the Corporate Ally Program. The recognition pin features green enamel overlay lettering on a silver metal pin with glass stars to denote the program’s seven recognition levels.
The Phone-A-Friend for RPAC Phone Bank initiative leverages member-to-member outreach to ask for RPAC investments. The program uses the PAC Management System’s comprehensive phone bank module to generate and manage targeted lists, process credit card investments, and send automated thank you emails. NAR provides the structure and support required to execute this program, including:
  • Program, implementation and volunteer training sessions on how to manage, setup, and run phone bank events
  • Consulting help and technical assistance to answer questions that go beyond training
The President’s Circle is an influential group of REALTORS® who contribute directly to REALTOR®-friendly candidates in response to requests from NAR and the RPAC Trustees. The legal limit any political action committee (PAC) can contribute to a federal candidate is $10,000 per election cycle. The President’s Circle program allows REALTORS® to contribute beyond RPAC dollars and increase the strength of the REALTOR® voice on Capitol Hill.
Comprised of RPAC and Advocacy goals for state and local associations that must be met by the end of the fundraising year, this award recognizes the hard work of state and local REALTOR® leaders and association staff to advance the REALTOR® Party.
The REALTOR® Association Mobile Processor (RAMP) is a mobile-based fundraising application specifically designed for RPAC fundraising. RAMP is set up on a mobile phone or tablet, allowing staff to collect RPAC investments anytime and anywhere. The investment information is stored directly in the REALTOR® PAC Management System for compliance and reporting purposes. RAMP processes all major credit cards and funds are deposited directly into the REALTOR® Association’s RPAC bank account.
Use NAR’s online REALTOR® PAC Management System to streamline processing, provide comprehensive accounting and compliance reporting and increase your association’s RPAC investments.
NAR is offering grants to state associations to host their own REALTOR® Party Conference in an effort to educate members and further the mission of the REALTOR® Party. State associations may qualify to receive a minimum of $5,000 and up to $16,000 to aid in hosting an educational or fundraising conference.
The REALTOR® Party Corporate Ally Program represents a revamped partnership between NAR and REALTOR® state and local associations, affiliates, societies and councils along with the corporate community to protect and promote our mutual business interests and strengthen our industry. The program provides funding for federal, state, and local issue campaigns to support public policies that are important to real estate.
Order RPAC residential and/or commercial brochures to educate your members on the value of RPAC and increase investments. This program is limited to states with election laws that do not ban use of corporate political contributions in fundraising.
Increase RPAC receipts and participation by applying for grants of up to $15,000 annually (subject to state law). Use these grants to help fund special RPAC fundraising events and activities, including phone banks. This program is limited to states with election laws that do not ban use of corporate political contributions for use in fundraising.
    Participate in webinars designed to help state and local staff as well as REALTOR® volunteers acquire practical RPAC fundraising skills without leaving the office. The webinars are often hosted by NAR staff and allow opportunities to get all of your RPAC questions answered.
      The Hall of Fame recognizes dedicated members whose RPAC investments total an aggregate lifetime amount of at least $25,000. Members are installed at the REALTORS® Legislative Meeting & Trade Expo the following year in Washington, D.C. President’s Circle contributions may be counted toward Hall of Fame status. Among the benefits of the RPAC Hall of Fame are name plaques on the RPAC Hall of Fame wall located on NAR’s Washington, D.C. building rooftop, personal plaques commemorating installation and recognition pins with Hall of Fame designation.
      Collaborate with NAR’s fundraising staff to recruit Major Investors through NAR-sponsored fundraising events eligible for reimbursement up to $65 per attendee for approved events.
      RPAC Major Investor recognition pins are given to individual and soft dollar Major Investors whose RPAC contributions meet investment thresholds designated by the RPAC Trustees, namely Sterling, Crystal, Golden and Platinum Rs. The pin signifies the year of the Major Investor contribution. Hall of Fame and President’s Circle designations also are displayed on recognition pins.
      For state and local associations on the PAC Management System, NAR offers end-to-end support to increase RPAC investments and participation through online efforts. NAR provides strategy development, technical support, and training to simplify the creation of successful online solicitation campaigns. Campaign materials include association-specific branding, message and investment form creation, group segmentation, and more.
      The posting of RPAC information on websites and social media is subject to both federal and state election laws. These laws may require that associations regulate access to certain portions of their sites.
        Recognizes state and local associations that meet their RPAC goals during the fundraising year.  Qualifying state and local associations will be awarded the Triple Crown in May at the REALTORS® Legislative Meeting & Trade Expo.