State and local REALTOR® Associations around the country are taking advantage of REALTOR® Party tools and resources to step up their community outreach and advocacy efforts. Their success stories expand beyond their states and cities because they inspire and set precedents. Take a look at the examples here for around the country.

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With insights gained from REALTOR® Party polling, Oregon REALTORS® launched an Issues Mobilization campaign to persuade legislators to approve critical legislation addressing the state’s ongoing housing and homelessness crises. The resulting passage of SB 1537 brings important land use and permitting reforms to the housing production process.
For five years, the Utah Association of REALTORS® has been working with the governor’s office and the state legislature to engineer solutions to the state’s dire shortage of affordable housing. The recent session saw the creation of some game-changing approaches to funding, among other advances and reforms, which the state REALTORS® supported with their first big social media buy. An Issues Mobilization Grant helped make it possible.
REALTOR® Party polling helped the Northwest Vermont REALTOR® Association understand the disconnect between local perceptions about housing supply and affordability, and the impact of Act 250, the state’s longstanding land use regulation. With a Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant, the association developed a campaign to clarify the issues: Unlock Housing Affordability Options for a Thriving Environment.