NAR’s Board of Directors approved a process for the use of advocacy resources outside of a state or local association’s territorial jurisdiction in November 2017.

The two categories applicable:

  • Situations where a state or local association is making use of REALTOR® Party resources for an advocacy activity.
  • All other uses of a state or local association’s advocacy funds.

The National Association of REALTORS® adopted a policy whereby state and local REALTOR® associations may only use REALTOR® Party advocacy resources for activity within their territorial jurisdiction, as defined by NAR.

Use outside the association’s territorial jurisdiction is permitted with a written agreement among or policy applicable to all affected local and state association(s) regarding such use of advocacy resources, or the association in whose jurisdiction such advocacy will occur or NAR approves. The policy allows for an association to request REALTOR® Party funds for use outside of its territorial jurisdiction, and if the association in which jurisdiction such activity will take place objects, the funds may be provided subject to review and approval by the appropriate NAR committee(s) overseeing REALTOR® Party activities.

For the full policy, sample agreements and bylaws, and territorial jurisdiction maps, visit: