Programs & Grants

Online Fundraising Program

NAR aims to assist state and locals associations in RPAC online fundraising efforts by providing the necessary tools and resources to implement a successful online fundraising campaign. The RPAC Online Fundraising Program includes several tools, namely:

  •  Email Campaigns
  • Phone Banks
  • Webforms
  • Events
  • REALTORS® Association Mobile Processor (RAMP)

We offer regular training webinars to state and local association staff to learn how to utilize the PAC Management System fundraising tools. Learn more about RPAC Training webinars.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way for state and local associations increase member involvement and RPAC investments. NAR staff and consultants are available to work with state and locals on a variety of needs such as:

  • Strategic planning: Putting together a fundraising plan, timeline and determining how to use the tools to work with existing fundraising efforts
  • Email templates: Draft messages that are packaged and ready to be used for an online campaign
  • Graphics and stationary: An in-house graphic designer can help you develop stationary to wrap your messages and incorporate other graphics needed for emails or webforms
  • Training: Provide weekly trainings every month for local and state staff to understand the tools and capabilities in the PAC Management System

Phone-A-Friend for RPAC

Phone banks are one-day events hosted by state and local associations to help meet RPAC fundraising and participation goals. Volunteers gather and call potential investors, asking for a RPAC investment. Logging into a unique website that contains a customized call queue, volunteers can take credit card investments, email the investment link to those who wish to invest later and send thank-you notes.


Webforms, or online donation pages, are used to collect RPAC credit card investments from members. It is an easy, secure and quick way for members to invest in RPAC. The forms are linked to the association’s RPAC bank account. The receipt details automatically show up in the PAC Management System so that states, locals and national all see the same information. Additionally, it means staff members do not need to take the time to import transactions into the PAC Management System. Whether posting a simple webform to your website or collecting funds for an upcoming event, webforms are customizable to meet your fundraising needs.

REALTORS® Association Mobile Processor (RAMP)

RAMP is a mobile-based fundraising tool specifically designed for RPAC fundraising. The RAMP application is set up on a mobile phone or tablet, allowing staff to collect RPAC investments seamlessly and the investment information to be stored in the PAC Management System for compliance purposes. RAMP’s Integration with RAMCO, e-commerce and NAR Member ID eliminates the need to manually enter data or credit card information and look up individual contributors. RAMP processes all major credit cards, and funds are deposited directly into your association’s RPAC bank account.

To use RAMP, your association must be on the REALTOR® PAC Management System and participate in the Online Fundraising Program.

Questions? Contact Peter Kelly at 202-383-7599.