REALTOR® Party Tracker

The REALTOR® Party Tracker is NAR’s tool to allow members to see how state and local REALTOR® Associations across the country are using REALTOR® Party resources. With the REALTOR® Party Tracker, members see the resources provided by NAR, to local and state REALTOR® Associations, that are being used to improve state and local legislative and advocacy activities!

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Glossary of Terms


These are programs where a local or state REALTOR® Association has completed an activity or received funding for a project. These programs are complete and any funds expended for the program are viewable in the “Program Expenditure” category. If there is not a “Program Expenditure” with an entry, then no program funds were used to assist the state or local association making the request.


These are programs where a local or state REALTOR® Association has made a request or application for resources or services from NAR. This represents programs where state or local associations have actively requested the use of NAR tools and resources.


These are programs where the tool, resource or services benefits REALTORS® in all state and local associations. As such, the costs for these tools, resources, or services are split between all of the state REALTOR® Association and then allocated as a state based activity for all state associations. State or local associations do not make requests or applications to receive the benefits of allocated services.

The REALTOR® Party Tracker is a partnership between the NAR’s Community & Political Affairs Division and RAMCO.

REALTOR® Party Tracker Disclaimer:

  • Many REALTOR® Party Activities cannot be reflected in this type of report until the end of the year. The following programs may not be completely represented in this report:
    • Independent Expenditure Program
    • Broker Involvement Program
    • Campaign Services Program
    • Online Advocacy
    • RPAC Fundraising