Fair Housing Month Toolkit

Discrimination in the real estate industry is real and ongoing. As community leaders, real estate professionals have an opportunity to be a part of equitable and inclusive change.

Fair Housing Month signifies a recommitment to advancing equitable opportunities and expanding homeownership.

Reflect. Repair. Renew.

Because That’s Who We R®.

Visit nar.realtor/FHM for recommendations on books, videos, and other additional ways to embrace Fair Housing Month.

Fair Housing Month Poster

Observed each April to commemorate the landmark 1968 Fair Housing Act in which U.S. law was established that prohibited discrimination in housing.

Annually, NAR creates a poster that state and local real estate associations may print, use or distribute to promote the REALTOR® commitment to Fair Housing. You are authorized to print and distribute the Fair Housing Month Poster. It can be printed 18 x 24 or 9 x 12.

Show you support equal opportunity in housing by displaying this declaration of following fair housing laws and your commitment to provide professional service with the REALTOR® Fair Housing Declaration.

Download the 2023 Poster

Visit nar.realtor/FHM for more information.

Click here to download the poster

Click here to download the poster

2023 Fair Housing Month Graphics

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Use these online assets to promote Fair Housing Month via social media, email, and the web.

Fair Housing Activities

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No-cost Ideas Using Existing Resources

  • Issue a Proclamation: Work with your town, county or city to issue a proclamation recognizing the importance of fair housing and equal housing opportunities.
  • Fair Housing Social Media Campaign: Make weekly posts about fair housing law, local fair housing history, stories about fair housing champions in your community, etc.
  • Share Stories: Use the association’s existing newsletter, social media, podcasts or other communication channels to feature local fair housing champions and REALTORS® who are leaders in fair housing advocacy.
  • Fairhaven Challenge: State associations – challenge locals to complete Fairhaven; honor the top 5 highest percentage of completion at the state convention. Local associations – challenge small, medium, and large brokerages to Fairhaven; honor the brokerages in each size category with the top 5 highest percentage of completion at an annual awards event.

Fair Housing Grants (Level 1)

  • Book Club / Discussion Club: Select a book, documentary, or article on a fair housing issue and hold a virtual or in-person book/discussion club meeting. Invite the book author, a REALTOR®, community leader, or staff from a fair housing agency to lead the conversation.
  • Hold a Class: Provide education opportunities for members to learn about fair housing and their responsibilities under the law.
  • Guest Speaker: Host a local or national speaker to discuss a particular aspect of fair housing.

Fair Housing Grants (Level 2)

  • Co-branded one-pager/brochure: Collaborate with a fair housing agency/nonprofit to create co-branded educational piece for members and/or consumers that explains rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Legislative Initiatives: Offset the costs of drafting state legislative or local ordinance provisions that furthers fair housing.
  • Work in Partnership: Collaborate with a local organization with a fair housing mission on their initiatives to ensure equal housing opportunities in the community.
  • Speaker Series: Organize a series of three or more speakers around a theme, such as working with clients with disabilities, the history of fair housing law, or recognizing implicit bias.
  • Fair Housing Symposium: Bring together REALTORS®, consumers, and community stakeholders to discuss the importance of fair housing and local efforts to ensure equal housing opportunities.
  • Develop Curriculum: Work with a course developer and fair housing experts to design a fair housing education course for members.
  • Fair Housing Month Posters: Distribute NAR Fair Housing Month posters to area principal and managing brokers along with a personal invite to the association’s fair housing events, education and activities.
  • That’s Who We R Fair Housing Assets: Create public-facing marketing that amplifies That’s Who We R fair housing assets.


Commemorate Fair Housing Month by asking your local government body to pass this proclamation supporting fair housing for all. Click the button below to download the Fair Housing Month Proclamation.

Fair Housing Month Proclamation

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April is #FairHousingMonth. Join @nardotrealtor in commemorating the role #Realtors play in shaping the future, and building thriving neighborhoods throughout the month. Learn more at nar.realtor/fhm.

#Realtors are community leaders —#ThatsWhoWeR. Join us in recognizing #FairHousing, diversity and inclusion in real estate this April and beyond. Learn more at nar.realtor/fhm.

#FairHousing is an essential part of the real estate industry. This April, join @nardotrealtor in recognizing the value that diversity and inclusion bring to thriving communities nationwide. #FairHousingMakesUSStronger Learn more at nar.realtor/fhm.

NAR’s priority is to protect against discrimination in the process of looking for a home, and to promote fairness, equal opportunity and integrity. #FairHousingMonth

As a REALTOR®, we’ve committed to being honest and impartial when it comes to fair housing and upholding the letter of the law. #FairHousingMonth

Take a closer look, and take action. Make sure you’re being unbiased, impartial, and lawful to build thriving communities. #FairHousingMonth