All communities, both urban and rural, are impacted by Federal, state and local legislation and regulations, but a few in particular are impacting real estate in rural communities and for which you can advocate for to create more vibrant communities.

  • Rural Housing: Rural Americans rely on programs like the 502 Rural Housing Loan Program to provide them with services that can be difficult to come by in some communities.
  • Broadband Access: The term “broadband” is used to describe high speed Internet access provided by various technology platforms including cable, telephone wire, and wireless technologies.
  • Transportation: Infrastructure improvements, including those related to transportation, have been shown to enhance property values by creating livable communities and business districts.
  • Opportunity Zones: Opportunity Zones are a new concept recently enacted designed to incentivize capital investments in low-income communities nationwide that have been cut off from capital and experienced a lack of business growth.

We will provide resources and information so that REALTORS® can become aware of these issues and the impact they have on real estate.

Federal & State Issues