The Candidate Training Academy gives REALTORS®, REALTOR®-friendly candidates and potential candidates an introduction to and expectation of how run for public office. It is a valuable head start in their political journey and information on how to run successful campaigns.

This day-long program is typically run by the state or local association, either with an NAR provided facilitator or one provided by the association. NAR has conveniently established a “core” curriculum, which consists of seven chapters with each chapter taking approximately 45 to 60 minutes to facilitate. There are two additional chapters, which are available for associations to use, if necessary. Associations may use the outlined core curriculum, or choose the curriculum which best suits their candidates’ needs. Materials are available from NAR at no cost to associations.

Goals and Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of this training session, participants will be able to:
  • Assess whether they possess the basic traits necessary to run for office.
  • State (in 30 seconds) why they are running for office.
  • Describe the elements necessary for developing a campaign plan and begin the planning process.
  • Discuss their research needs based on their target audience and their budget estimates.
  • Based on their individual campaign’s strengths, plan for the fundraising methods that can prove most effective and lucrative.
  • Determine the best methods for contacting their constituents, based on voter demographics and budget.
  • Analyze the electronic campaign options available and determine which, if any, will prove most effective for their outreach.
  •  Assess the multiple avenues to approach a get-out-the-vote plan and determine which elements would be useful to their campaign planning.


To request NAR’s professional campaign consultants facilitate the training, however, an association must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 25 guaranteed participants, of which, at least 10 must be candidates.
  • Only one training per state. Partnering with state and/or local associations is encouraged. If partnering is impossible, please contact NAR.
  • While allied organizations and coalition partners are welcome to take part, this is NAR’s Candidate Training Academy and must be billed as such.

Program Fees

NAR does not charge state and local association sponsors for using the training materials or offering the training.  Associations are encouraged to charge nominal fees to members to cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as printing and food/snacks provided during the training. NAR will not mandate what associations should charge for attendee registration fees.

Training Materials

All training materials will be available from NAR by request and upon registering your training session.  Training materials include:

  • Your Competitive Edge, a 115-page participant guide
    • Chapter 1: Why Run for Office?
    • Chapter 2: Campaign Planning and Budgeting
    • Chapter 3: Research and Targeting
    • Chapter 4: Fundraising
    • Chapter 5: Voter Contact
    • Chapter 6: Winning Online
    • Chapter 7: Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
    • Appendix
    • Chapter 8: Volunteers (elective/optional chapter, contact NAR for details)
    • Chapter 9: Grassroots (elective/optional chapter, contact NAR for details)
  • PowerPoint slide deck (for each chapter)
  • Attendee evaluation form
  • Sponsor Guide

Training Offering Options

Association as Sole Host: This option makes sense for a state association or a rather large, local association with a large pool of members to choose from. These associations generally have several meetings during the year in which to offer this training.

Two or More Associations Host: Local associations may choose to pool their resources and memberships to offer a co-hosted training. This maximizes their resources, often enabling both associations to make their training dollars go further.

Association and Other Like-Minded Organizations Host: Some associations like to partner with a local chamber of commerce and other like-minded organizations to stretch training budgets, build partnerships and help craft a consistent message across memberships.

Register Your Session with NAR

In addition to being required to obtain authorization to provide the training and use the training materials, registering your session helps NAR identify opportunities to highlight success stories and allows us to measure the program’s use. You should register the session at least one month before it occurs to obtain and reproduce materials as necessary. When you register you will be agreeing to present the training consistent with the guidelines contained in the Candidate Training Academy’s Sponsor Guide, so read it carefully.


Questions? Contact John Winston at 202-383-1235.