The Voter Registration Program provides tools and services to help REALTOR® Associations increase the number of members who are registered to vote. Nearly 85 percent of REALTORS® are registered to vote, but we can do better. As REALTOR® Association professionals, you play a crucial role in helping to protect the interests of the real estate industry. By making sure that your members are registered to vote on key issues and races, we help to ensure that The Voice for Real Estate® is heard by legislators at the local, state and national levels.

Voter Registration Resources

Option 1: Mail, E-mail or Combined Campaign

NAR will you give your membership lists broken down between your registered and non-registered voters, as well as your members who have recently moved. You can these use these lists to mail or e-mail your members, encouraging them to register to vote. Use already designed customizable postcards or take advantage of sample language to send an e-mail or letter to a newly moved member or an unregistered member.

Oversized Customized Postcards 

Option 1:
This postcard can be personalized to your liking. All you pay for is printing and postage. NAR’s Voter Registration Initiative vendors will walk you through the process
Option 2:
Download this general member postcard and  customize and arrange postage. Print in-house or by your local printer. 

Email and Letters

  • Reach Out to Non-Registered Members
    Often it is most difficult to reach those who have never registered to vote and to convince them it is in their best interest to do so. Below is sample language you may use in your e-mail or letter explaining the REALTOR® Voter Initiative Program. Because NAR’s member voter registration lists are only about 95 percent accurate, please note the cautionary language used in the case that identified member is actually registered to vote.
  • Reach Out to “Newly Moved” Members Needing to Re-Register to Vote
    Someone who was registered to vote previously and recently moved will need to update their voter registration information. This, perhaps, is the “easiest win” for the association, because those who are most likely to vote in an election or on an issue are those who have voted before.
  • Click here to request a voter registration list of your members

Option 2: Customizable Campaign

Create your own voter registration drive. Use one or all of several outreach methods—phone banks, print and Web ads, Facebook or blogs—to encourage your members to register. These can also serve as an enhancement to the Mail, Email or Combined Campaign above.

Order “Vote, Act, Invest” campaign buttons, bumper stickers, balloons and t-shirts too!

Questions? Contact Mitchell Norton at 202-383-1091.