The REALTOR® Party New Member Orientation supplements the existing NAR Orientation Toolkit for associations. A great way to introduce new members to the REALTOR® Party and the importance of REALTOR® Advocacy, materials include:

By educating your members on the value of advocacy, you increase the likelihood of their involvement in Calls for Action, voting for issues important to real estate and using those activities to achieve association core standards requirements.

How do I embed the video in the PowerPoint presentation?

  1. Download the PowerPoint presentation and video from the links above. Be sure to remember where you saved these files to your computer.
  2. Open the PowerPoint presentation and go to slide #2.
  3. Click on the video image.
  4. In your top menu, click on the Insert tab and select Video and Video from File. This will open the Insert Video window.
  5. Select the Video from its saved location. Click Insert to insert the file into your presentation. Resize the image accordingly.
  6. Hold the Shift key and hit F5. Click the video to ensure that the video is embedded and playing properly.

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