Are you a REALTOR® or REALTOR® association staff member interested in running for public office or just curious about the process? Take the Campaign Training for State and Local Candidates. This free interactive four-hour course includes quizzes, exercises, and videos from REALTORS® who have run for and been elected to local office, and is divided into 9 modules that can be completed at your own pace:

  1. Why Run for Office
  2. What it Takes to Run for Office
  3. Raising the Money Necessary to Get Your Message Out
  4. Perfecting Your Ask
  5. Developing Your Message
  6. Tactics for Communicating
  7. Polishing Your Presentation-Door to Door
  8. Polishing Your Presentation-Debates
  9. Getting Out Your Vote

Questions? Contact John Winston at 202-383-1235.