Often legislative and regulatory proposals that may do harm to property rights and real estate arise quickly and require expert analysis. Upon request, the Land Use Initiative will analyze and provide talking points on proposed legislative and regulatory land-use measures that impact the transfer of real property to support state and local REALTOR association advocacy efforts. There is no fee for state and local REALTOR associations to use the service.

Proposed Measures Analyzed Include:

Affordable Housing
Ballot Box Initiatives
Community Character Preservation
Conservation Plan
Comprehensive/General Plan
Design Standards/Review
Eminent Domain
Environmental Regulations
Growth Management
Historic Preservation
Impact Fees/Exaction

Planning Enabling Legislation
Point-of-Sale Requirements
Property Maintenance
Regional Planning
Residential Rental Property Regulation (Long-Term
Rentals, Short-Term Rentals, Tenant Protections)
Sign Regulations
Subdivision Regulations
Transfer Taxes
Transferable Development Rights
Tree Preservation/Landscaping
Vacant Properties
Zoning Enabling Legislation


  • Requests for analysis are accepted year-round.
  • The request for review should be submitted not less than 15  business days prior to the date from when the analysis is needed.  Please note that if the critical deadline (date analysis is needed) is less than 15 business days, you will be contacted to discuss the circumstances of the reduced timeframe and determine whether a limited analysis can be provided within the requested timeframe.
  • Complete and submit the proposed measure and any related documents via the Land Use Proposed Measure Analysis Request Form.
  • Include your concerns with the proposed measure and why you believe there is a need for an analysis.
  • If you are submitting a full comprehensive/unified development or general plan, please identify the components to review (i.e. housing, transportation chapter, etc).
  • If analysis was previously conducted on a proposed measure, associations may only submit again for another analysis if there has been a substantial rewrite and additions.
  • NAR will review your request to ensure that it conforms to the LUI criteria stated above.
  • Once the request is approved, you will be copied on the request for analysis to Robinson & Cole who will reach out within 3 business days of receipt of the request.
  • You will receive a written analysis (“memo”) and/or talking points within 15 business days of receipt of the request.
  • Once an outcome is known, submit the Land Use Initiative Evaluation Form

If  would like to review past analysis and talking points created on behalf of associations to support their advocacy efforts, members and association staff can search by key word, issue, and state within the  Land Use Initiative Database (M1 and password required):

Success Stories

Related Resources

  • Growth Management Fact Book: provides in-depth discussions on land-use management policies and various land use management techniques and their impact on the real estate industry.  The Fact Book can be a good first step in determining how to proceed with a land-use issue.

Questions? Contact Christine Windle cwindle@nar.realtor, 202-383-1135