Land Use Initiative & Technical AssistanceA

The Land Use Initiative (LUI) assists state and local REALTOR® Associations in their public policy advocacy of land-use issues.  NAR will provide an analysis of proposed legislative and regulatory land-use, and real estate transactional, measures – comprehensive plans, amendments, legislation, ordinances or regulations – that impact the transfer of property and/or the interests of REALTORS®.

Land Use Resources:  NAR also provides several land-use issues resources which may help you craft a response to proposed state legislation and local ordinances.

  • Land Use Initiative Database: past analyses of proposed measures are available via the Land Use Initiative Database (log-in required). You may find that you do not need to submit a LUI request as an analysis that has been done for another REALTOR® Association on the same issue will provide all the information you need.
  • State Issues Tracker:  tracks and analyzes core state legislative issues that could affect the real estate industry. Each analysis includes an executive summary, FAQs, and the law in each state. The State Issues Tracker also includes white papers which provide an in-depth review of select topics, input from industry thought leaders, and insight into emerging trends in the area.
  • Growth Management Fact Book: provides in-depth discussions on land-use management policies and various land use management techniques and their impact on the real estate industry.  The Fact Book can be a good first step in determining how to proceed with a land-use issue.

Land Use Initiative Criteria

  • Proposed land use, or real estate transactional, measure – comprehensive plan, amendment, legislation, ordinance or regulation – not an existing law or ordinance
  • State or local measure, not a federal measure
  • Benefits the greater good, not a few property owners
  • Exceptions: NAR will occasionally accept current ordinances or laws for review that are outside the scope of agreement with our consultant


How the Land Use Initiative Lends ‘Horsepower’ to Advocacy Webinar – 9/9, 2PM (EST)
NAR’s Land Use Initiative (LUI) has enabled state and local REALTORS® associations to influence public policy for over twenty years.  Hear the details on how to successfully use the program and an analysis of recent issue trends by NAR’s consultant Robinson & Cole.  Gain insight from an expert panel on two top issues analyzed – tenant protection and short-term rental measures – and how the analyses highlighted areas of concern leading to successful outcomes. Listen to the recording. Questions? Contact Holly Moskerintz, 202/383-1157

Land Use Initiative Request Form

  1. Submit the online Land Use Proposed Measure Analysis Request Form
  2. NAR will review the proposed plan, legislation, ordinance or regulation to ensure that it conforms to the requirements of the LUI. If the proposal is accepted, the material will be sent to NAR’s consultant.
    • NAR has the right to deny requests that don’t comply with the criteria.
  3. If the request has been accepted for analysis, NAR will forward it to our consultant who will review the proposed measure and related materials.
  4. The consultant will follow up with the association with a call or email within three business days of receiving the request.
  5. If applicable, the consultant will provide a written legal analysis (“memo”) within 15 working days of receipt of the request.

LUI Quarterly Reports

LUI Success Stories

LUI Evaluation

The REALTOR® Association is expected to inform NAR of the outcome of the measure.  Once an outcome is known, the REALTOR® Association is required to submit the Land Use Initiative Follow Up form to NAR.

Questions? Contact Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157.