Independent ExpendituresV

The State and Local Independent Expenditures (IE) Program is an exciting program to assist state and local associations that want to get involved in local and state elections. The program provides each state with funds that can be used to support candidates for political office who support REALTORS® and the real estate industry.


Application Process

If you are interested in running an independent expenditure campaigns, please review the following steps then contract Mitchell Norton at

Choose your Candidate
Does your association want to support someone whom has helped with previous issues? Do you have a REALTOR® who wants to run for public office? The first step is for your association to choose who will make a great candidate to support.

Develop your Campaign Plan
Once you select your candidate, what can you do to support their election efforts? Whether you choose to conduct polling, consider messaging or develop direct mail, this program can provide your IE campaign the resources for success. See sample Independent Expenditure campaign materials.

Design your Budget
You have developed your campaign plan, now decide what your budget will be for this independent expenditure campaign. Will your association be contributing funds to the IE, with RPAC money or other funds? You will need to know this to apply for the IE program. Click here for information about your state’s IE allocation. For budget estimates regarding your specific election, please email Mitchell Norton.

Fill out the Application Form
The online application will allow you to give NAR all of the information needed to get your IE request underway.

Committee Review
The REALTOR® Party Trustees for State and Local Campaign Services Committee considers all state and local association requests to run an IE. The Trustees will review the application for the IE, as well as information regarding the race to make a recommendation about supporting your IE.

Run the Campaign
If your IE is approved by the REALTOR® Party Trustees for State and Local Campaign Services Committee, then it is time to implement your campaign plan. The Campaign Services staff will help make sure all the parts of your campaign plan come together to support your candidates who support the real estate industry.

Report on your Results
Win or lose, NAR wants your feedback on how the IE Program worked in your area. Tell us your campaign story. What tools were effective? How can we approach campaigns differently to make the IE program even better? Your feedback will be an important part of improving the IE program.

Questions? Contact Mitchell Norton at 202-383-1091.