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Published twice a year (May and November), On Common Ground presents a wide range of views on smart growth issues, with the goal of encouraging a dialogue among REALTORS, elected officials and other stakeholders. State and local REALTOR associations may order bulk amounts of the magazine to use as a great leave-behind when visiting local officials or provide NAR with a mailing list and leave the delivery to us.

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Questions? Contact Hugh Morris at 202-383-1278.

Ordering On Common Ground

For Individuals

To have your name placed on the mailing list, please email: OCG@nar.realtor

For Associations

To order copies for your association to distribute to local public officials:

Option 1: Ship to Association Office

NAR can ship a specific number of copies of the latest issue to your association each time the magazine is published. Association staff and/or leadership can then distribute them in-person when meeting with local public officials. Many associations use this method because they prefer the direct contact with public officials. If you prefer this method, please email the number of copies you would like to receive and the name and shipping address to OCG@nar.realtor.

A maximum number of 200 copies may be requested with this option.

Please Note: The submission deadline for the May issue is April 5 and the deadline for the November issue is October 5.

Option 2: Mail Directly to Public Officials

At no cost to your association, NAR can mail copies of the magazine directly to your local public officials. Use this template to provide a mailing list of public officials.

The first-time your association uses this method, a cover letter that provides background on the magazine and why they are receiving the publication is included with magazine. The cover letter must be drafted by the association on your association’s letterhead, and sent in PDF format along with the mailing list. Send the completed template  and cover letter PDF (first-time only) to OCG@nar.realtor.

A maximum number of 300 copies may be requested with this option. For local associations, only public officials in your service area should be included in your mailing list. State and federal elected officials need to be submitted by the state association.   

Please Note: The deadline for the May issue is April 5 and the deadline for the November issue is October 5.  Please submit any updated mailing lists by these dates as well.