Consumer Advocacy Outreach Program & GrantA

Consumer Advocacy Grant

The Consumer Advocacy grant allows local and state associations to create consumer advocacy activities in their communities that advance wise public policies that strengthen the real estate market, promote property ownership, and build strong communities leading to a healthy economy. Apply Today

The Consumer Advocacy Outreach Program educates and engages consumers on public policy issues at the state, local and national levels. The program offers:

Homeownership Issue Education and Consumer Action Hub

NAR sends monthly emails to millions of concerned consumers about public policy issues that impacts homeownership. Each message directs consumers to the HomeOwnershipMatters.Realtor website, the new integrated site, where consumers can find information on issues that impact their property rights and communities. Consumers also can take direct action by signing a petition or sending a letter to lawmakers.

Consumer Content for State and Local Associations and REALTORS®

We encourage state and local associations to post local consumer advocacy content to the HomeOwnershipMatters.Realtor website on their own state web page. Be it a public policy issue or a community improvement, associations will gain valuable recognition and credibility as advocates that are working to protect consumer interests. Content for the state-specific HomeownershipMatters.Realtor webpage can be written by the association, provided by a third-party news aggregator or written by professional writers that NAR makes available for consumer advocacy outreach. Associations and REALTORS® may use and repurpose current consumer advocacy content from the HomeOwnershipMatters.Realtor website on their websites and social media pages or in newsletters.

Shared Consumer Advocacy Outreach Database

More than 10 million consumer names and email addresses are in the Consumer Advocacy Outreach database. These consumers have previously shown or demonstrated interest in NAR’s issue or consumer outreach campaigns. Every state and territory has names in the database that NAR will share with your association for consumer-focused issues advocacy. For a discounted cost, associations can send email communications to local consumers about public policy issues or homeownership. If your association has an issue campaign, whether or not supported financially by NAR’s Issues Mobilization Program, the shared Consumer Advocacy Outreach database can give your association an edge in rallying public support. LEARN MORE.

Consumer Advocacy Outreach Grant Application

Questions: Contact Erin Murphy at 202-383-1079.