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State and local REALTOR® Associations around the country are taking advantage of REALTOR® Party tools and resources to step up their community outreach and advocacy efforts. Their success stories expand beyond their states and cities because they inspire and set precedents. Take a look at the examples here for around the country.

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When the Spokane City Council presented a Sustainability Action Plan calling for extreme limitations on natural gas implementation, the REALTORS® reacted in force with multiple REALTOR® Party resources. It was a powerful Call for Action that discouraged the plan, and they are now focused on helping the city find reasonable solutions for increased energy efficiency.
As the threat of mass evictions loomed during the pandemic, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® equipped members throughout the commonwealth to step up and help mediate housing disputes. Grants from the REALTOR® Party supported training and a campaign to raise public awareness about the benefits of choosing mediation over court appearances.
Using the findings of a Land Use Initiative analysis from the REALTOR® Party, the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® helped dissuade the City Council from adopting the new ‘Desert Rural’ protective category that would have raised significant barriers to high-density development and trounced the rights of private property owners.