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State and local REALTOR® Associations around the country are taking advantage of REALTOR® Party tools and resources to step up their community outreach and advocacy efforts. Their success stories expand beyond their states and cities because they inspire and set precedents. Take a look at the examples here for around the country.

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In the town of Marshall, Missouri (pop. 13,000,) about 20% of the residential properties were vacant, along with more than a dozen commercial properties, including a hospital and a grocery store. The Central Missouri Board of REALTORS® got to work with a REALTOR® Party-funded technical assessment, whose recommendations are driving real change focused on strategic code enforcement, data-driven problem solving, and property owner education.
During the public health emergency, as reports rose of certain tenants posing serious health and safety threats in rental properties across the nation’s capital, the local REALTOR® association championed a Public Safety Exception to the city’s strict Eviction Moratorium. A timely Call For Action connected members directly to the Housing Committee of the City Council.
The Colorado Association of REALTORS® was seeking a powerful way to improve homeownership opportunity for all Coloradans. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, it developed a bundle of legislation that is being funded by a combination of state funds and Federal stimulus money -- Issues Mobilization and Advocacy Everywhere helped make it happen.