Rural Outreach Grant

The Rural Outreach Grant supports state and local REALTOR® Associations’ activities on a wide range of issues confronting rural communities.  The grant will fund advocacy related initiatives not covered by other Community Outreach grants related to:

  • Broadband
  • Well/Septic/Sewer
  • Farmland/Open Space Preservation
  • Protection Overlay Districts – could be environmental (steep slopes, setback requirements)
  • Rural Zoning – Subdivision Ordinances/Rural Lot Configuration/Downzoning
  • Annexation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Transportation
  • Land Use

Note:  For housing affordability, housing inventory, rental housing related issues, use the Housing Opportunity grant.   To create a new public space or destination in your community, use the Placemaking Grant. To influence public policy on land use, growth/development or transportation issues related to Smart Growth principles, use the Smart Growth grant.

There is a Level 1 and a Level 2 Rural Outreach Grant.

 Ideas for Using a Rural Outreach Grant

Note – 10% Grant Commitment Waived in 2021.  As part of NAR’s Right Tools, Right Now, the 10% financial contribution requirement is waived for any association that requests reimbursement between 5/1/2021 through 12/31/2021.

Level 1

The Level 1 Rural Outreach grant can be used for educational activities including hosting speakers who can address the issues referenced above.

Level 2

The Level 2 Rural Outreach grant funds activities and initiatives to engage in the issues referenced above with other stakeholders and elected officials.

  • Amounts
    • Level 1: up to $1,500 depending on meeting of all project criteria listed below.
    • Level 2: up to $5,000 depending on meeting of all project criteria listed below.
    • Note that any instructional fee is capped at $1,000 and the remaining $500 can be used to fund instructor travel, meals, marketing, etc.
  • Review: NAR Staff
  • Number/Year: One
  • Application Deadline:  Applications can be submitted at any time through October 15, 2021
  • Project Completion:  All projects must be completed within one year of the grant application approval.
  • Project Criteria: The Rural Outreach Grant can only be used to fund projects that meet the following criteria:
    • Types of Projects Funded: Must related to activities to address issues referenced above. Activities could include events, trainings, studies, research, workshops, conferences, websites, marketing/educational materials, ordinance review/drafts.
      • Note: for conferences and events, staff and/or REALTORS® need to be substantially engaged such as serving on a conference planning committee, planning a conference session, speaking or serving as moderator to a session or involved in follow-up event activity.
    • Association and Member Engagement: An association, and its members, need to be involved in the planning, designing, funding, etc. of the activity.
      • Association engagement: fundraising and/or donations, planning, organizing, serves on project committee/task force, etc.
      • Realtor engagement: planning, coordinating, serves on project committee/task force, etc.

Application Process Level 1 and Level 2

  • Submit the online application and attachment (budget)
  • Staff may schedule a brief phone call to discuss project and application
    • You may need to provide additional information
    • You can have your partners on the call
  • Staff will review the application after all required information is received
  • Staff will contact the association within 7 business days after all information is provided.


Project Completion: Level 1 and Level 2

All projects must be completed within one year of the grant application approval and the following conducted.  

Disbursement of Funds: Level 1 and Level 2

The request for reimbursement must be made within 1 year from when the application was approved.

Funds will be distributed as follows:

  • Submit the Rural Outreach Grant Reimbursement Request Form
  • Submit the ACH form with your reimbursement request. Reimbursements during COVID-19 will be made via electronic transfer.
    • If electronic transfer is not possible, you can request a check.  Checks can only be made payable to your association or board. Please provide the name and address of your Association when submitting the check request.
  • Submit proof of how funds were spent.
    • Acceptable forms of proof include an invoice, signed contract, receipts and cancelled checks.

Questions? Contact Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157.