The following activities help to position REALTORS® as leaders on a wide range of rural issues such broadband, well and septic, open space preservation, environmental standards, and planning and zoning. Use these ideas for inspiration. This is not a complete list of activities that qualify for grant support. If you have an idea but are not sure if it is eligible for a grant, email

Level 1

Expert Speaker: Bring in a speaker to discuss a challenge impacting your community.

Conduct Training: Provide education opportunities for members to learn about an issue, such as well and septic regulations, impacting your community.

Level 2

Conduct a Forum or Symposium: Bring together REALTORS®, consumers, elected officials and community stakeholders to discuss one, or more, issue impacting rural communities.

Develop a Training Course: Use a consultant to develop a training session on a particular issue.

Draft an Ordinance: Retain a consultant to draft a plan, local ordinance or policy on an issue impacting your community.

Create Educational Materials: Develop materials to educate your members, or for your members to distribute to their clients and potential homebuyers.

Success Stories