Create your own voter registration drive.  Each outreach idea below can stand alone or can be combined with any of the other ideas, including as an enhancement to the Mail, E-mail or Combined Campaign.

Questions? Contact Mitchell Norton at 202-383-1091.


Phone Bank Canvassing

Follow these step-by-step instructions for hosting your own Voter Registration Phone Bank. This agenda is meant only to be a suggestion to guide you in your activities. Feel free to organize your phone bank according to your preferences.


Customizable Ads

Download one of these ads and customize them by filling in your association’s information.

Full Page Ad
7.5″ x 10″

Half Page Ad
7.5″ x 10″

Quarter Page Ad
3.75″ x 5″


Web Banners

Grab these web banner buttons to put on your website to encourage REALTORS® to vote. Download other REALTOR Party Graphics too.

Copy the HTML in the boxes at right and paste it into your Web site.


Facebook Resources

Below are some tips for developing groups, pages and events on Facebook.

According to the 2017 NAR Member Profile, 69 percent of all REALTORS® now use Facebook for their professional use. Creating Facebook pages, events, groups and using Facebook advertising can help to further your outreach and increase your voter registration success rates. Similar low or no-cost features can also be found on other social networking sites.

For detailed directions on building Facebook pages, events, groups and obtaining advertising, as well as information on how to use social media to increase involvement, please visit the following links:

Blog Resources

Blogs are Web-based logs generally maintained by individuals or organizations. They are meant to be updated regularly with commentary or to recap of events and can include graphics or video. Blogs can include a range of features from discussion boards, to internet donations to live chats and online voting. Compared to traditional media, blogs are faster, cheaper and more interactive. When compared to other media, the opportunity for involvement provided by blogs is hands down the best option. Blogs are the way to go. REALTOR® Associations can use existing blogs or create new blogs to engage their members in the political process. Blogs can even be imported into other social networking media, like Facebook pages. Visit the following links to find out more information on how to create and maintain a blog: