Planned diversity initiatives makes good business sense. REALTOR® Associations with well-planned diversity programs create a stronger of community, particularly in neighborhoods with high concentrations of foreign-born and minority residents who are moving up the socioeconomic ladder and are buying homes. Ultimately, diversity programs help to ensure the long-term health and stability of the association. Members and association leaders who reflect the demographic make-up of their communities are better positioned to serve those markets.

Without an ethnically representative membership, an association risks becoming isolated and perceived as exclusive. Over time, this can lead to dwindling membership.

Diversity Resources

NAR offers the following resources to associations that want to plan and support diversity and inclusion initiatives and activities, but don’t know how to get started or have come to a crossroads and need some additional assistance to help realize their goals.

Leading With Diversity
This three-hour planning workshop takes associations through a step-by-step process to develop key initiatives, specific for your association, that will help you better serve your members, leaders and clients. The workshop is available free of charge to state and local associations.

Diversity and Inclusion Grants
Once you have your goals and strategies in place, NAR can provide associations with funding to help realize those goals. NAR provides associations up to $5,000 in matching funds for activities that reinforce the role of REALTORS® as leaders in our increasingly diverse communities, and that extend the benefits of homeownership to more Americans.

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