Housing Opportunity FAQs

What are the maximum funding amounts?

There are two levels of funding. Requests may be made up to the noted maximums; however, a lesser amount may be awarded based on the evaluation of the application.
Level 1 – $1,500 maximum award
Level 2 – $5,000 maximum award

How many grants can my association receive in a calendar year?

An association can receive up to two Housing Opportunity grants in a calendar year.
Level 1 – maximum of one grant per calendar year
Level 2 – maximum of one grant per calendar year

How can the Level 1 grant be used?

The Level 1 grant can be used to hold educational activities such as a class or forum; to host a speaker(s) who can address specific affordable housing issues; or to hold a meeting with community stakeholders to develop coalition efforts.

How can the Level 2 grant be used?

The Level 2 grant can be used to support activities that address a specific affordable housing issue in a community or state. Activities should involve partnerships and have a broad community reach.

Is there anything that grant funds cannot be used for?

Associations cannot receive funding for activities previously supported by a Housing Opportunity grant (ex. recurring events such as housing expos or classes). Additionally the following are NOT eligible uses of grant funds.

REALTOR® association staff time/hours General operating expenses Materials for construction/rehab of a property
Fundraising contributions Donations to another organization Landscaping materials
Money to hold a fundraiser Cash prizes or purchase of gifts and prizes Home furnishings

How far in advance should I submit a grant application?

A. Level 1 applications are accepted on a rolling basis between January 1 and October 1, and should be submitted at least 30 days before the date of the activity. Decisions are made within about a week of submission.

Level 2 application deadlines are the 15th of each month; January through September. Select the submission deadline that is at least six weeks prior to the date of the activity. Decisions are typically made within 30 days of the application deadline.

We are partnering with another REALTOR® association for an activity. Can we both apply for a grant?

Multiple associations can apply for funding for the same activity. However, the combined funding request cannot exceed the maximum award for the grant level.

What criteria are used to judge Level 2 grant applications?

The grant review group considers the following things when making Level 2 funding decisions:

Alignment with Housing Opportunity Program goal

Does the proposed activity support the goal of positioning, educating, and assisting REALTORS® to create housing opportunities for all?

Demonstration of critical need

Does the applicant thoroughly explain the affordable housing issue that needs to be addressed?

Quality of the proposed activity

Is the proposed activity of high-quality with a clear purpose, well-defined action items, and measurable goals?

Level of commitment

Does the proposed activity involve a significant level of commitment in terms of member involvement, financial contribution, and staff time?

Is my association required to submit an evaluation after our activity is completed?

Yes, recipients must submit an evaluation after completion of the activity. Please note that the completed evaluation is required as part of the funding disbursement process.

Is my association required to make a financial contribution toward our activity in order to qualify for a grant?

A financial contribution equal to at least 10% of the requested amount is required for Level 1 and Level 2 grant requests.

If my association is approved for a grant, when will we receive the funding?

Funds are disbursed through a reimbursement process. The association must submit required documentation (outlined below) and complete an online evaluation about the grant activity.

Funding Process Details

The association is required to submit proof of money spent totaling the amount of the grant award, including the 10% contribution from the association.
Acceptable forms of proof include an invoice from a vendor, a signed contract with a consultant/speaker, receipts for items purchased, and cancelled checks.

The request for reimbursement must be made within 90 days of completion of the activity.

The association must submit an evaluation after completion of the activity.

The activity must take place within one year of grant approval notification from NAR in order to be eligible for funding reimbursement.

Questions? Contact Wendy Penn at 202-383-7504