Placemaking Grant Application

Please read the 2018 grant criteria before submitting the application form.

Grant Information

Type of Project: Check only 1

Attach a copy of the concept plan

Attach a copy of the before photo of the site

Attach a copy of the budget

Check the type of partners involved in the project. Check all that apply.

When will the project be started and completed?
Is this project part of a larger community revitalization or Placemaking project?

If this funding request is approved, do you give NAR permission to share your application details and project outcomes with others?

State and local REALTOR® associations shall only use resources provided by the NAR REALTOR® Party Program within their association’s territorial jurisdictions as set by NAR. Does the proposed activity adhere to the stated requirement?

Note: If the applicant is a local REALTOR® association, your state association must be notified of your application if required by the state association.