There are a variety of strategies and approaches to address challenges in rural communities – and our Community Outreach programs can be used to help fund many of these.

Concierge Service for Small Associations

NAR will provide a “concierge” type of service to small associations, especially those with limited, or no, staff to help you address a challenge in your community using one of our REALTOR® Party Community Outreach programs.

The first step will be to submit the Rural Outreach Assistance Questionnaire to collect some basic information. After the questionnaire is submitted, staff will schedule a call with you to get additional information and a suggest a potential strategy, as listed below.  We will discuss with you which community outreach grant (housing opportunity, smart growth, placemaking) or program to use. And we can work directly with a consultant to initiate the process and get you, and your partners, started.

Rural Outreach Assistance Questionnaire

Types of Strategies and Projects

Neighborhood Revitalization & Walkable Communities – Smart Growth Grant

Sustainable Growth & Development – Smart Growth Programs

Housing Opportunities – Housing Opportunity Grant

Legislative and Regulatory Issues – Land Use Initiative & Smart Growth Grant