Level Three

As with the Level 2 grants, the Level 3 Smart Growth Grants funds activities to engage in local land-use, growth and transportation issues with other stakeholders and elected officials which will have an impact on policies.

The Level 3 grant was developed to support more a more comprehensive initiative, demonstrates a commitment to have a positive impact on a community, and involve multiple partners and/or stakeholders.

Types of activities funded include:

Requirements & Criteria –  Also see the FAQs which addresses all 3 grant levels.


  • Grant Amount: up to $15,000 if all criteria met.
  • Number/Year: A maximum of one Level 3 grant is awarded per year per association.
  • Deadline: October 15 or until commitment levels reach 100%. A decision will be made within two weeks provided all the criteria is met.
  • Funds must be used and reimbursement requested by the end of 2024.
  • Evaluation Form: after completion of activity, evaluation form needs to be submitted.


  • Includes a plan of action to use the outcomes of the activity in an advocacy effort.
  • Applications will not be considered for events that have already taken place or for activities completed prior to submission of application.
  • Associations need to partner with at least one non-REALTOR® organization (e.g. nonprofit or government agency, etc.).
  • Activities should be comprehensive and have a broad community reach.
  • An association, and/or its members, need to be engaged in the project activities.
  • Activity enhances the growth and development of a community.
  • Activity enables efforts to address concerns with, and enhancement to, current public policy.

LEVEL 3 SMART GROWTH GRANT APPLICATION – Contact Hugh Morris, 202-383-1278 to determine if the activity qualifies for a grant.