RPMA Toolkit

Help us reach our nationwide goal of 350,000 subscribers by December 31st!

Need ideas to promote RPMA? Here's some tips:
      1. NAR recommends adding a link to your Association website urging members to join the REALTOR Party Mobile Alerts. Use the graphics in this toolkit and you can also customize the keyword for REALTORS® to join to be state specific.  Simply add your state abbreviation in front of REALTORS.An example would be if you were customizing a banner from Wisconsin, you could change the text to say “Text WI REALTORS to 30644 to get alerts on CALLS FOR ACTION”.*Note: You can only customize using your state abbreviation in front of the REALTORS text.
      2. Associations have done a great job promoting RPMA at their meetings and conferences using RPMA lapel stickers. If your Association would like some stickers for your upcoming meetings, please send an email to action@realtors.org with your address and we will mail you some.
      3. Associations have held live drawings with their own giveaways during meetings and conferences asking attendees to text their state keyword (example UT REALTORS) to 30644. If this is something you would like to do, send an email with the details of your meeting to action@realtors.org and we can send you a list of who subscribed during that time frame.
      4. Add a tagline to your email signature line encouraging REALTORS® to join REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts by texting REALTORS to 30644.

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