REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee (RPMIC)

The REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee encourages grassroots member participation by creating and implementing strategies that support the REALTOR® Party and its three main components — vote, act, and invest — which solidifies a culture of REALTOR® engagement and advocacy throughout the REALTOR® Association.

REALTOR® Advocacy

RPMIC members will:

  • Set and track annual NAR member response goals for Calls for Action;
  • Encourage state and local associations to actively support NAR Calls for Action;
  • Ensure that Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs) execute their responsibilities, and provide for their training;
  • Promote and ensure a robust REALTOR® Party website for use by NAR, state and local associations;
  • Advance the use of social media and other technologies to engage REALTORS® in the political process;
  • Offer members opportunities for political engagement in REALTOR® activities (i.e., member and public voter registration/turn out the member vote, issue campaigns, phone banks); and
  • Promote, advocate, and provide input for communicating real property messages to consumers.

Promotion and Use of REALTOR® Party Resources

RPMIC members will:

  • Promote the array of REALTOR® PARTY tools available to state and local associations;
  • Track the implementation and use of REALTOR® Party tools, evaluate, and report on the growth in usage and creative applications of the tools by state and local associations;
  • Track REALTOR® Party activities in the states and recognize member involvement and results;
  • Promote REALTOR® Party consulting services, campaign management, advertising services, and all other services available to states and local associations; and
  • Communicate with membership on the usage of tools, success stories, and lessons learned.


Questions? Contact Victoria Givens at 202-383-1021.


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