President’s Circle Program FAQs

1. Why is the President’s Circle program important if we already support REALTOR® Champions with RPAC funds?
The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is only legally allowed to contribute a maximum of $10,000 to federal candidates every two year election cycle.  While many other PACs also have the resources to “max out” to candidates with a $10,000 contribution, they do not have the grassroots power that REALTORS® have. Thus the President’s Circle program was developed in 2003 to mobilize President’s Circle members to invest directly in REALTOR® Champions who take the lead on our issues in Congress. NAR lobbyists communicate with the Member of Congress and provide them with a list of everyone who supported their campaign via the President’s Circle. That way the Member knows how much was invested under the “REALTOR® umbrella” in addition to RPAC funds. The President’s Circle is well known on Capitol Hill; Congressional candidates inquire how they can receive President’s Circle support!

2. What are the deadlines for President’s Circle investments?
$500 is due by May 31, 2022. The full $2,000 is due by September 30, 2022. For new members of the program, $500 is due upon enrollment to be officially recognized as a President’s Circle member and begin receiving President’s Circle benefits.

3. Since President’s Circle members must be RPAC Major Investors, must they invest in RPAC before they can become a President’s Circle member?No, you can join the President’s Circle and remain a member in “good standing” as long as you fulfill your RPAC Major Investor amount (minimum $1,000) by the year-end deadline for RPAC. NOTE: States often set an earlier year-end deadline for RPAC so they will have adequate time to transmit the monies to NAR by the deadline. Please check with your state if you plan to invest in RPAC at the end of the year so your investment will count towards 2022.

4. Do my RPAC investments (Sterling R, Crystal R, etc.) count towards the President’s Circle?
No, the funds allocated towards maintaining the Major Investor portion of your annual recognition go directly to RPAC, whereas the funds invested through the President’s Circle program are directed to the REALTOR® Champions who you have selected.

5. How many opportunities will there be to contribute in 2022?
There will be 4 rounds available in 2022 beginning in January. Members may invest in as few or as many rounds as they like.

6. How do I make my President’s Circle investments?
President’s Circle members make their contributions through a website that collects the funds and disseminates them to the appropriate Congressional candidate that can be found here:

7. Is it possible to contribute to President’s Circle other than the times we receive President’s Circle email solicitations?
Yes. A President’s Circle member may contribute at any time by going to the REALTOR® Party website, and selecting the Invest page. A large “Invest in President’s Circle” button is on the investment page. Members can click through at any point and be linked to the VoteSane website to make a President’s Circle investment.

8. How do I access a record of my completed investments?
Once you log in to the portal, you may view your complete record by selecting “My Investments” in the top, right-hand corner. Once selected you will be able to view all of your investment receipts.

9. May I contribute to any Member of Congress via the President’s Circle?
Members may not contribute directly to a Congressional candidate unless he/she is a target picked by the national RPAC Disbursement Trustees. The reason for this is that President’s Circle members invest collectively in a small number of incumbents in order to make a big impact. If President’s Circle members contributed to any candidate they chose, our strength would be diluted and the program would not be as powerful.

10. Which President’s Circle members receive preferred placement at hotel headquarters at national meetings?
President’s Circle members who are Golden Rs receive preferred placement at one of the headquarter hotels at national meetings, after maintaining that level for a full year. President’s Circle members who are Platinum Rs receive guaranteed headquarter hotels at national meetings the following year. Due to the significant amount of time it takes to plan the annual meetings, the hotel headquarters cannot be guaranteed until the following year. (Example: If a Platinum R joins the President’s Circle on August 1, 2022, ,they will receive guaranteed hotel headquarters at Midyear Meetings and Annual Convention in 2023.)

11. How do I find out which members in my state are in the President’s Circle and how much they owe?
There is a President’s Circle roster located on the REALTOR® Party website that is updated weekly. Simply go to this link. And of course, feel free to contact RPAC staff if you need to find out about a member’s President’s Circle investment before the weekly update.