Corporate Ally Program Talking Points

When speaking with affiliates/non-members

  • It has never been more important for organizations thriving in the real estate industry to invest in REALTOR® Party advocacy through the Corporate Ally Program (CAP).
  • The Corporate Ally Program launched in 2015 to raise corporate, soft dollar contributions to support REALTOR® Party advocacy campaigns from town halls, to state capitals, to Washington, D.C.
  • This corporate, soft dollar fundraising campaign provides a critical revenue source for the issue campaigns REALTORS® wage at all three levels of government to protect our mutual business interests.
  • How can your organization afford NOT to invest? When REALTORS and our industry partners work together, we protect and promote our mutual business interests and strengthen our communities.
  • On a national level, NAR will continue to be the leading advocate for efforts that enabled real estate professionals to benefit from the Section 199A 20 percent pass-through deduction. This allows REALTORS® to expand operations and provide improved services to consumers and potential homebuyers across the country, which also means more work for you.
  • NAR will continue to work with Congress to secure responsible, long-term reform to the National Flood Insurance Program, which is a hot topic in much of the nation.
  • NAR continues to prioritize proposals that provide liquidity and secure a deep and affordable market for creditworthy Americans, all while maintaining an explicit government guarantee.
  • With your support, CAP has the resources to speak for the real estate industry in an engaging, powerful and authentic way.