Major Investor Event Program Guidelines

Best Practices

  • A reception format is preferred and allows more time to engage each guest.
  • Set a goal per attendee.
  • Food/drink costs should be around $50 per person including tax and gratuity! NAR cannot reimburse costs above the hard limit of $65/head.
  • Send a thank-you email to everyone you invited and recognize your new investors.

Schedule The Event

  • Apply with several potential dates in mind before booking a venue – if your preferred date is not available NAR cannot fund the event. Please keep in mind that some months book up early so it is best to contact NAR early in the year to secure your preferred date. After your event date is approved by NAR make sure you have 6-8 weeks to execute your event. 
  • Each NAR-funded Major Investor Event must include an ASK by an NAR Representative to invest in the current recognition year, so it’s important to submit your application at least 6-8 weeks in advance.
  • Please refer to the attached list below of available 2018 RPAC Speakers to complete your application.  Specific requests are subject to speaker availability.
    • Tray Bates, 2018 REALTOR® Party Liaison Fundraising
    • Leigh Brown, 2018 RPAC Fundraising Trustees Committee Chair
    • Tamara Suminski, 2018 RPAC Major Investor Council Chair
    • Pete Kopf, 2018 RPAC Participation Council Chair
  • Discuss venues/menus/budget with NAR staff and make a reservation.
  • Identify and recruit up to 4 hosts who will make calls to “enroll” prospects.

Event Page Creation & Management

  • Once your event date is approved, you will create an event page through the PAC Management System.  You will have access to this page in real time to view all investments and reoccurring investments made during the event.
  • Please refer to the Major Investor Event Process Guide for step-by-step instructions in creating your event page, which you will submit to the State to link for investments.
  • This link will then be attached to the webform that will be used for the event. A webform is a web page that accepts credit card investments.
  • To be eligible for reimbursement, the attendees, and investments must be uploaded and linked to the event in the PAC Management System.  For additional instructions in creating lists, please refer to the user guide for adding attendees to events.
  • Only events pre-approved by NAR are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Associations/entities are eligible for reimbursement up to $65/head with supporting receipts.
  • The association/organization must upload and link the NAR Spreadsheet in Excel format to the event page, and submit confirmation with attached receipts, to, no later than 30 days after the event.
  • Once the conditions of reimbursement have been met, associations/entities can expect to receive a reimbursement check in 3-5 weeks.*

    In the case of cash or check contributions, which are sent to the state associations and processed separately, please provide the name of the event to the State, to ensure that the monies are allocated appropriately.*

Target Your Attendees

  • Consider brokers and 5 top producers from each of the top 10 firms in your area
  • Current and lapsed Major Investors and association leadership who are potential Major Investors
  • 90-130 targets will typically yield 30-45 attendees (ideal event size)

Invite/Enroll Your Targets

  • Personal calls from the hosts are most effective.  NAR can email invitations (NAR cannot send hard-mailed invitations) as a follow up if you so choose.
  • Be up front about RPAC expectations. Create excitement for this exclusive event.
  • Send a personal email note and make a follow-up call to confirm they will attend.

Ask At The Event

  • Recognize hosts and Major Investors then introduce NAR Representative for a brief presentation.
  • The Host or designee makes the “ask” for the current recognition year. Plant NEW investors to recognize.
  • Secure a commitment from each attendee.

Agenda For The Event

  • Drinks and casual conversation as guests arrive
  • Welcome and introductions by the host or hosts
  • Brief Legislative Update: The NAR Rep will present a legislative update on issues at the federal level. Additionally, most associations ask their state and local Government Affairs Representatives to give updates. Local REALTOR® leadership is also encouraged to participate and share why they are involved in RPAC.
  • Challenge to invest (The “Ask”) is made by the approved NAR Representative.
  • Investments are collected and new Major Investors are recognized

If you choose to have NAR send or design the EMAIL INVITATION, we will need:

  • Host names
  • Venue and time confirmation
  • RSVP Contact with phone/email
  • Invitation list in excel with email addresses