Major Investor Event Planning Checklist

6-8 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Request your event by visiting and click on “Major Investor Event Fundraising” under Programs & Grants.
    • Read and understand all guidelines before submitting your application.
    • Try to have more than 1 date in mind for speaker coordination.
    • Receive application approval before you book a venue.  If your date is not available NAR cannot fund the event.
  • Notify your MIC Member (Major Investor Council Member) of the proposed event date(s), time and location.
  • Set a fundraising goal for your event.
    • How much do you want to raise?  (How many new dollars per attendee?)
    • How many new Major Investors do you want to cultivate?
    • The purpose of a Major Investor Event is to increase the Number of Major Investors and/or Step up Investors.
  • This program is not to be used to host a Participation event or RPAC Awareness event!  If this is something you are interested in please contact NAR about other programs that support these activities.
  • Secure venue and time of event after date is approved by NAR and relay info to NAR staff.
    • Pick a venue and time that is accessible to everyone.
    • Make sure you check the room space/noise level The room should fit the number of attendees.  Don’t put 40 people in a room meant for 400.

 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Create your event page form through the PAC Management System.  Visit the Major Investor Event Process Guide for step-by-step instructions on creating your event page.  This allows you to track all investments in one place and when the event is linked to online investment forms, you can see, in real time, all investments and reoccurring investments taken at the fundraiser.
  • Send the event page name to your state association, and ask your state association to create online investment forms.  You can also request access to the REALTOR® Association Mobile Processer (RAMP) which allows you to take credit card investments via your mobile device.  Your state association can refer to the Major Investor Event Process Guide for step-by-step instructions on creating investment forms.
  • For assistance on the PAC Management System, please contact Jennifer Hamilton or Brandon Garner
  • Target your attendees for the event, and construct a guest list.
    • Ideal event size is 30-45 attendees
    • 3x the attendees goal  typically yields the ideal size
    • Ideal Targets:
      • Brokers and agents with a minimum production level of $4 million in sales volume or $100,000 in net commissions
      • Investors who have contributed $250-$999 to RPAC in the past
      • Current and lapsed Major Investors and board leadership who are potential major investors
      • 20% of your target list should be affiliate members- Think outside the box! Include lenders, title companies, mortgage reps, home inspectors and others who are members of the Association in your target list.
  • Select your Host Committee.
    • Identify and recruit up to 4 hosts for each event
      • Must be Major Investors or willing to step up to Major Investor at event
  • Print or email invitations sent to target attendees.
    • NAR cannot send or reimburse for hard-mailed invitations You may choose to send printed invites at the expense of the hosting association

4 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Host Committee begins making phone calls to target attendees.
    • Main role of the host is to make personal calls to “enroll” prospects after the event invitations are sent.  Script/Talking Points provided by NAR Staff (Stick to enrollment dialogue!)
    • Note: When calls are not made, success rate dramatically decreases!

2 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Submit Final Agenda and Run-of-Show to NAR Representative.  The ideal Event Agenda should include:
    • Drinks and casual conversation as guests arrive
    • Welcome and introductions by the host or hosts
    • State and Local Legislative Updates
    • NAR Representative Presentation
    • Challenge to invest (The “Ask”) is made by the designated host
    • President’s Circle Presentation (You must present the President’s Circle program to the invitees)
    • Pledges and/or investments are collected and new Major Investors are recognized
  • Request any RPAC Materials Needed from NAR
    • Bi-fold “Investor Levels” Cards  (These clearly show the different initial levels, sustaining levels and levels with President’s Circle)
    • RPAC Brochures (available but not in front of guests)

1-2 Weeks Prior to Event

  • Email invite/confirmation email sent out from Host Committee to Attendees.

Week of Event

  • Secure any necessary speaker bios.
  • Select one or two new Major Investors ahead of time to be “planted” in the audience to stand up and announce their intent to invest and challenge others to “step up” and invest as well.
  • Last minute details and arrangements.

Day Before Event

  • Confirmation phone calls from Host Committee to event RSVPs.
  • Make sure you have enough of the following available for every attendee:
    • Major Investor Bi-folds
    • RPAC Brochures

After Event

  • Use the Major Investor Event Process Guide for updating the Attendees List and submitting your expense receipts to NAR for reimbursement.
  • Send a thank-you email to everyone you invited.
  • Recognize your new investors and Major Investors.
  • Make follow up calls to no-shows and make the “Ask”.
    • These investments can count toward your overall event totals.
  • Follow the Major Investor Event Reimbursement Checklist to submit your expenses and be reimbursed by NAR.