Customized RPAC Marketing Materials

RPAC creates customized materials to be used for solicitation and investor education using your state or local association logo, investor clubs and state and local issues.

Choose from 4 different template options (seen below), including RPAC Major Investor brochure that does not count toward your yearly count. RPAC will pay for the design, printing and delivery to your office of enough materials for every member in your association.

To order customized RPAC promotional materials for state and local associations, there is a special application process.

To order customized marketing materials, state and local associations must meet the following requirements:

  • State election laws do not ban use of corporate political contributions for use in fundraising
  • State and local associations are responsible for making sure the brochure is compliant with local, state and federal law
  • Use of national legislative issues and RPAC Major Investor levels
  • A minimum order of 100 brochures
  • Maximum number of brochure order cannot exceed membership count

If you do not need customized marketing brochures, you can download a printable RPAC PDF brochure and make copies for your association. Click here to download brochure, and begin printing today! This brochure is provided for you to print copies at your expense. NAR will not cover costs for printing or distribution of this brochure.

Questions? Contact RPAC Staff at Jackie Zaporowski or 202-383-1029.

Design 1: Join the Team Brochure

Design 2: Join the Team Insert

Design 3: RPAC is Your Resource Brochure

Design 4: RPAC is Your Resource Insert

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